Shoes Similar To Crocs: Alternative to Crocs (2021)

Crocs date back to 2002 when they joined the footwear realm as boating shoes. Immediately after, they became insanely famous because of the comfort and convenience attached to them.

Fast-forward to today, crocs can be seen in a multitude of color choices and prints with others taking on excitingly brand new designs. While some people believe this footwear is slowly dying out, there are still many shoes similar to crocs that can give you the same amazing comfort, style, and versatility. Let’s speed through a few of them.

Cheaper Alternatives to Crocs

If you are looking for shoes similar to crocs but cheaper, here are some noteworthy choices:

1. Amyneo Unisex Garden Clogs

If you are a fisherman, gardener, or someone who finds themselves in many places, your clog of choice should be Amyneo Unisex Garden Clogs. This slip-on clog knows no bounds.

It features bouncy synthetics that are both light, breathable, and waterproof. There is a heel lock to help secure the shoes on so they don’t slip out. Thanks to a deeper footbed, you will find the fit to be nothing short of amazing. 


  • Heel strap
  • Waterproof synthetic uppers
  • Deep footbed
  • Breathable 
  • Ventilation ports


  • Light structure
  • Hassle-free on and off
  • Breathable panels
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable 
  • Affordable 


  • No issues 

Amyneo Unisex Garden Clogs is perfect for those living out country, garners, and fishermen. This is because they are fully waterproof and easy to clean. There are several color models to pick from.

2. ACANS Unisex Fur-lined Clogs

Crocs can be pretty meh in design. Their uniform styling is a bummer for those who love to look unique. But the good news is, a few revamped styles like ACANS Unisex Fur-lined Clogs exist.

Thanks to the fur lining, these clogs take on a plushy prestigious look for fashion-loving individuals. To top that up, the fur boosts comfort by a few notches. The pair features tiny hollow ports to improve breathability.

ACANS Unisex Fur-lined Clogs are light, easy to wear, and of premium quality. Because of that, expect to pay just a bit more than ordinary crocs.


  • Memory foam slippers
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic upper
  • Fur-lining 
  • Simple color tones
  • Antiskid sole


  • Ultra-light
  • Easy to wear
  • Fur-padded for comfort
  • Breathable construction
  • Stylish for outdoor strolls
  • Versatile 


  • Not waterproof
  • Sizing is off

ACANS Unisex Fur-lined Clogs are premium level slippers that aim to satiate the tastes of fashion lovers. On top of that, you get an anti-skid sole that keeps you upright on wet floors. The only problem is with size. They run small so try to size up by a whole unit.

3. INiceslipper Unisex Anti-skid Chef Clog

Another cheaper alternative to crocs for chefs and nurses is INiceslipper Unisex Anti-skid Chef Clog. This is a completely waterproof slipper that strategically features an anti-skid bottom designed to help nurses and chefs retain a stable gait despite floor spills.

The clog’s bottom boasts of massage particles for premium quality comfort. So if you intend to be in them the whole day, then don’t expect to deal with foot pains later. The easy step-in and out design makes them super-friendly for when you need a break from shoes or when switching to something else.


  • Heel strap
  • Black slip-on clog
  • Massage particles on the footbed
  • Environmentally-friendly material
  • Rubber sole
  • Anti-skid bottom


  • Premium-level comfort
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof performance
  • Roomy toe end for wiggling
  • Affordable work clog


  • Limited color choices
  • Might produce a pungent smell during the first days

INiceslipper Unisex Anti-skid Chef Clog is designed for chefs and nurses as a work clipper. It offers waterproof and slip-resistance which could come in handy for many workplaces. If you have foot pains or get fatigued quite early, then this choice is ideal for you as well.

4. Skechers for Work Men’s Clog

Places like hospitals would not allow you to be in open shoes or other fancy choices that jeopardize your safety. However, Skechers for Work Men’s Clog can easily make the cut as it is a closed clog with waterproof uppers.

These could be great for surgery rooms, boating, fishing, restaurants ( chefs to be specific), and other workplaces. For comfort, the footbed is padded and there is also an insole that you can swap out.

Skechers for Work Men’s Clog offers OSHA-compliant slip-resistance to keep you steady. However, their quality is a bit low and can get pretty hot.


  • Synthetic material
  • Removable PU insole
  • Padded footbed
  • Rubber sole


  • Anti-slip performance
  • Fully closed for safety
  • OSHA-compliant slip-resistance
  • Fairly comfortable
  • Completely waterproof


  • Some people find the overlays to be uncomfortable
  • Quality is substandard

For a work shoe, Skechers for Work Men’s Clog does a pretty job of keeping you safe. The sizing is accurate so don’t size up or down. Unfortunately, the quality is subpar unless you order those going for $50 and above.

5. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs

Whether you are tending to your garden, relaxing indoors, or walking your dog, Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs will get you sorted. These clogs are extremely lightweight yet adequately padded to provide orthopedic standards comfort.

Their versatility means they can be useful to practically everyone. You can buy them for your mother, father, sibling, or loved one and they will find them applicable to many indoor and outdoor duties.

Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs are waterproof and perforated to keep your feet cool. This is a good feature for those working out indoors. There are several eye-candy colors to pick from.


  • PU synthetics
  • Unisex sandals
  • Heel lock
  • Ventilation ports


  • Extremely versatile
  • Unisex design
  • Comfortably padded
  • Portable
  • Colorful 


  • No major flaws

Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs are a cheaper alternative to crocs worth looking into. Their versatility and unisex design make them the perfect pair to buy as a gift for your loved ones. This is because if they don’t fit one person, someone else can ride them instead.

6. RYGBBP Women’s Summer Clogs

When the summer hits, it’s usually a time to unburden yourself and explore the surroundings. If you are hoping to hit the beach, tend to your garden, or simply relax, then find yourself RYGBBP Women’s Summer Clogs.

These are affordable non-skid clogs that will keep your feet well held to the ground no matter how smooth. The clogs incorporate a lightweight framework and a slingback strap for achieving a secure fit.

RYGBBP Women’s Summer Clogs offer great arch support for those in need of that. They are comfortable, adequately ventilated, and waterproof.


  • EVA and rubber materials
  • Rubber sole
  • Ventilation ports
  • Adjustable slingback strap
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Water-friendly 


  • Anti-slip performance
  • Marvelously comfortable
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Lightweight framework
  • Breathable 


  • No major flaws

RYGBBP Women’s Summer Clogs are multifunction shoes that are ideal for gardening, showering, working out, and relaxing. Even though cheap, these crocs are stunning and will most certainly grow on you.

7. Oxgmoky Unisex Fuzzy Slipper

Here is another choice for those looking for fur-lined crocs- Oxgmoky Unisex Fuzzy Slippers. These are warm and fuzzy for dealing with cold evenings and winters. To ensure you don’t start sweating while in them, they feature hollow ports that promote better breathability.

Thanks to foam and rubber padding, these clogs are supremely lightweight. You can stay in them all day and never complain about foot fatigue or pain. Conveniently, you can use them for gardening, relaxing, and running errands. Just be careful not to soil the fur by using these shoes on inappropriate occasions.


  • Synthetic upper
  • Ventilation ports
  • Fuzzy-lined clogs
  • Multi-functional design
  • Portable 


  • Useful on many occasions
  • Feels so light on feet
  • Fuzzy-lined to keep your feet toasty warm
  • Affordable
  • Reliable outsole grip


  • Runs smaller so go up by a half or one size

Oxgmoky Unisex Fuzzy Slippers are a breath of fresh air for those looking for stylish yet cheap winter clogs. For under $30, these slippers are a steal and quite more comfortable than Birkenstocks. If you love them, then don’t hesitate to add them to your list of potential purchases.

What To Consider When Buying Shoes Similar To Crocs

A good buying experience is one where you spend your money and get exactly the shoe you desired. Even though croc alternatives may not be everything you hoped for, here are things that can guide you towards making the best choice:

  • Material

Crocs are mostly made from waterproof synthetics-mostly PU. This material is bouncy as well to contribute to amazing impact absorption. Additionally, PU synthetics don’t scuff, rub or dig on your foot. This explains why crocs are the definition of extreme comfort.

So if you are going for crocs alternatives, make sure the material used is flexible, waterproof, and not stiff. Cheap plastics and other foot-unfriendly materials can make shoes pretty uncomfortable and possibly hurtful. 

  • Breathable

It gets hot sometimes when working both indoors and outdoors. This is why most shoes are constructed with mesh and open sections that allow some ventilation to take place. For crocs and their alternatives, you can sport hollow ports that promote unsurpassed air circulation.

  • Sole

Whether you are looking for crocs for work, rest or playing, traction is still important. Chefs, nurses, and other workers are expected to wear shoes with an anti-skid sole to avoid sliding on slippery and wet surfaces. Even for older individuals, slip-resistant bottoms are of priceless value.

  • Durability

Money is hard to come by. Even when you are wealthy, it can be bothersome to buy a shoe you consider valuable only for it to break down way too early. The good news is, you don’t need to feel a shoe to discern its durability. Instead, read customer reviews and pay attention to the ratings as well.

  • Water-resistant

This might depend on what you do or where you spend most of your time. For nurses, gardeners, fishermen, and a few other professions out there, a waterproof sandal is important. This helps to keep their feet dry so their focus remains properly directed.

  • Design

Truth be told, crocs are common everywhere to the extent that it is really hard to stand out. Even their multiplicity of color choices doesn’t spare them from looking ordinary. This makes design quite important for fashion-conscious people.

If you want to look unique, try crocs that look like thongs (for women) or fur-lined models. There are chunkier varieties too for those that want a twist on the conventional models. If you try to look a little harder, you can unearth some vibrant designs that would make you feel like a fashion icon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are crocs costly?

Crocs are distinctively designed to offer comfort from pain and fatigue. As such, many people rely on them to serve even as orthopedics in some circumstances. This has led to many people resorting to them which in effect made them fairly more expensive than they needed to be.

Besides comfort, crocs are notoriously multipurpose and unisex. This means your one pair can be in your lover’s feet today, and tomorrow you have them on the beach, and the day after your grandma or pa is in them while tending the garden. Once things start going in this direction, you are forced to go for another pair. Now, if many people are in such a scenario, you can see why some companies are forced to up the price.

  • Are crocs the most comfortable shoes?

They may not be at the top of the list because comfort is also subjective. However, crocs are made from Croslite, which happens to be one of the most comfortable foam besides EVA. 

Croslite is compression-resistant which means it can offer comfort year after year and therefore being of invaluable help. This is why crocs and their alternatives are a real deal in the realm of comfortable shoes. Read our guide on memory foam shoes to understand what exactly it is they offer and the cons.

  • How can you tell that crocs are fake?

First, crocs are made from either croslite or other lightweight but comfy PU synthetics. These materials are soft, cool, and compression-resistant. Now, if your crocs burn your feet, feel like plastic, chip up, and get compressed very quickly, then they are fake.

It is close to impossible for an original croc to produce a pungent smell. Knock-offs, on the other hand, are notoriously known for their odor.

  • Can you wear crocs with socks?

Most often, individuals walking in and around the house can be seen wearing socks with crocs. If you are going a bit far, then it can be a bit weird. However, it is entirely up to you whether or not to include socks.

  • What other shoes offer comfort of the same standard as crocs?

Cheaper alternatives to crocs, Skechers, Nike, Converse, DR Martens, and Birkenstocks are some of the brands that offer premium-level comfort that is familiar with crocs. However, most running shoes and cross-trainers can meet the comfort demands of any person.

Wrap Up

Crocs may be disappointingly common but they have a purpose. Where many shoes fail to offer comfort, crocs do. In fact, they help many people with painful feet find some solace. Their design mimics orthopedics and therefore great for quick healing. 

However, you might find these shoes to be too common and at times more expensive than you expect. To help you get one cheaply, we have rounded up shoes similar to crocs that deliver good quality comfort. We hope you find what you are looking for. Bye.

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