Shoe Sizes D Vs. E: Shoe Sizes Wide Vs. Medium: Understanding the Dilemma

That alphabets, along with shoe width and breadth, confuse a lot of people. Understanding your shoe size is a lot more important than wearing one. All those blisters, discomfort while wearing shoes, heel slippage has one common reason, along with others. It is not wearing the exact fit of your shoe.

Choosing your correct size of the shoe can be a dilemma because of the stiffness of some shoes. On the other hand, shoe sizes differ from men to women. That is why you should know shoe sizes D vs. E: shoe sizes wide vs. medium.

Shoe sizes D vs. E:

In America, shoes are sorted for sizes as per width and length. To all intents, a D-sized shoe refers to the width of a shoe for both men and women.

D Width for Men:

A D width shoe is considered a medium-sized shoe for men. Here, the shoe’s overall length is the same as others but differs in the width of the shoes.

D Width for Women:

A D width shoe is large in width for women. Typically, the sizes that are medium or small for men fit women with larger feet. That is to say, a D size shoe is a wide shoe for women, whereas it is a medium for men.

The measure of D width

The ball of the foot at the bottom will measure between 3 to 5 inches across. That is a perfect medium for men and a perfect wide for women with usual feet.

E width for men:

Well, an E size shoe is considered as a wide pair for men. As told before, the overall length is the same but differs in the case of shoe width.

E Width for women:

An E size shoe will fit as an extra-wide pair for women.

The measure of E width:

The ball of the foot at the bottom will measure between 3.2 to 5.2 inches across. That is a perfect wide for men and a perfect extra wide for women with usual feet.

Shoe wide vs. medium:

Typically shoes in America tend to be seen in 9 widths, including subdivisions. If you talk about the narrowest and the spacious width sizes, it is AAA and DDD consequently. A, B, C, D, and E are the standard sizes that gradually get one size bigger. But A and E size are further divided into subdivisions.

That is A, AA, AAA, and E, EE, EEE. An AA and AAA means that the shoes are narrower and extra narrower than usual. Whereas an EE, EEE means that the shoes are spacious and extra wider than usual.

Learn the difference:

 People buying shoes should have basic knowledge about wide vs. medium. So, they won’t face any issues later. Though the difference may be just inches when it comes to comfort, no one wants to deal with it. People not knowing such differences later complain about its quality.

The main difference between broad and medium shoes is that the wide shoes are roomy in width compared to the medium ones. And the medium-sized shoes for men are indeed wide for women.

 The wide shoes are entirely wide that allows unique extra space for the toes. At the same time, space is a little narrower before the toe if it is a medium-size shoe.

Ensuring your proper size:

Before buying any shoe, the first step is to know your exact shoe size properly. For this, you need to measure your feet first. There are a lot of devices to measure your foot size that is readily available in the market. On the other hand, if you don’t want to do so, you can easily measure with a measuring tape. Measuring your feet width is quite essential. If you have an excellent idea about the inches, then choosing a perfect shoe won’t be a problem anymore.

The men and women thing:

After all the discussion, you might be clear that the same shoe size does not go for both men and women. the size that is small for men fits women with a medium foot. Typically shoes that are narrow for men are for women with medium feet. The same goes for the wide ones. The shoes that are wide for men are wider for women. So, don’t get confused. Choose your exact size.

Trying it on and ensure your comfortability:

Last but not least, you should always try your shoes on even if you are sure that it’s your exact size. The difference between shoes might be a matter of inches, but the comfort and adjusting ability is of significant consideration. Always wear something that you are comfortable wearing. Don’t fall for the sales man’s words. Even a shoe with half size bigger makes a lot of difference.

Conclusion of final thought:

I am pretty sure that you are out of the hazard now. All those confusing letters with shoes now carry a meaning to you. On top of that, you also know what’s your perfect feet and how to choose them, along with the gender thing.

Shoe sizes D vs. E: shoe sizes wide vs. medium are not a dilemma anymore. Buying a shoe considering all the above factors will help you find a perfect one and solve daily footwear struggles. Heel slippage, foot blisters, loosening of shoes, and the discomfort will not cause you any trouble due to an imperfect size. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get yours today, now!

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