Nike Tanjun Vs Roshe: The Utmost Analogy

Nike is a timeless brand that requires no prologue. It is one of the leading brands in the market of unique footwear. If you choose to pick a Nike brand sneaker, you must have taken notice of the Nike Tanjun Vs. Roshe.

The launch of the run shoe Roshe came out as a great triumph. Until the debut of Tanjun, Nike Roshe Run was best selling shoe worldwide. The coming out of Tanjun grabbed shoe lovers’ attention and competed with Roshe for the throne. Even many Nike fans found the Tanjun an upgraded edition of Roshe Run.

Both the shoes are identical in many features, and picking up one from the two is a challenging task. Therefore, I’m here to help you choose one with the analogy based on some features to get you out of the dispute. Let’s have a look at the comparisons for picking the right pair of sneakers for you.

About Nike Tanjun:

The word ‘Tanjun’ means ‘Simplicity’ in the Japanese language, which explains well enough the Nike Tanjun. It is an extraordinary addition to the world of leisure sports footwear, and its demand graph is still rising.

The sleek and simple design can upgrade your daily look in a tweak. Tanjun is designed to offer the coziest possible experience to the users. Breathable upper, shock-absorbing sole makes it comfortable and durable.

In the latest revolutions among Nike’s collections, Tanjun stands on top for lightweight trainers. Surprisingly it is one of the top-selling footwear of Nike even though lacking any modern in-built feature.

About Nike Roshe Run:

The launch of the run shoe Roshe came out in 2012 as an outstanding achievement. Along with its elegant design and comfort, it came at an affordable price. For the low-key Nike fans searching for informal, simple, and comfortable shoes, Roshe is a magic bullet for them.

Nike Tanjun Vs Roshe Analogies:

To present a basic analogy of Nike Tanjun and Nike Roshe, I want to detail an overview of both models’ in five major features. 

  • Uppers
  • Sole
  • Support 
  • Size
  • Durability

1. Uppers:

Nike Tanjun: In Tanjun, uppers are made of multiple layers of diamond shape net-like perforated materials. The mesh uppers offer ventilation and comfort at the next level. The material lets the airflow to the toe tip with the movement of your foot. Tanjun offers extra padding in the ankle area. It provides support to the ankles and eases the irritation of continuous ankle rubbing.

Nike Roshe: The top-class breathable and stretchable seamless mesh upper is one of the most excellent features of the Nike Roshe Run. The mesh upper can contain the foot at ease by stretching and transforming the shape. Massaging your feet while you walk in it is the bonus point of the sneaker. It wraps up the foot and gives you a comfortable walking experience all day long.

2. Sole: 

Nike Tanjun: The mystery behind being Tanjun lightweight is the injected unit sole. A single piece unit of the midsole and sole is inserted so that it does not weigh much. It is manufactured by EVA rubber, and instead of solid, it has waffled rubber. 

Nike Roshe: Since the comfort point is determined by the quality of the midsole of a shoe, Nike Roshe ranks top on the criteria. Advanced quality cushioning in ball form to raise the level of coziness is named Phylon cushioning. Containing this Phylon cushioning in the midsole, Roshe offers a snug workout experience. Be it a workout or hangout, put on your Roshe and roam around.

3. Support: 

Nike Tanjun: Due to the basic design, Tanjun falls behind in the race to support the feet. It lacks a lace cage, heel comforter containing cushioning alone cannot correctly provide the support. Until you remove the insoles, you cannot go for it, especially if you own level feet or elevated curves.

Nike Roshe: Roshe’s wrapping-like body supports not only heels but also the sides of your feet. It offers an excellent experience for intense activities, and therefore athlete persons are fond of the model. For jogging, gym, or working day, put on your Roshe, and you are ready to go.

4. Size:

Nike Tanjun: Flexible material of Tanjun offers an accurate size that takes the shape of your feet. For people with wider feet, it is the most suitable choice. So, you will get the perfect size fitting for your feet while picking Tanjun.

Nike Roshe: The material is so flexible and stretchable that it expands after a few uses. So you might be required to get a smaller half a size than your actual shoe size. To know specific sizes go through the article to find out correct measurements. So picking a pair of Roshe for you might be pretty tricky for you.

5. Durability:

Nike Tanjun: To cross out some weight, Nike Tanjun combines outsole and midsole, which compromises its durability. For light to moderate activity levels, you can pick a pair of them, but it may not give you long time service if you opt for intense activity or workout.

Nike Roshe: If you decide on wear and tear use of a sneaker, you can blindly pick a pair of Roshe. While designing the model, Nike was more focused on its service life rather than making it lightweight. It is the right choice for your workout sessions. You can check the durability of shoes in case you want to know some information about it.

Final Verdict:

When we talk about Nike Tanjun vs. Roshe, some find differences between them and some do not. The debate between the two is unending. It is an exceptional case that two pairs from the same brand are competing with each other.

Both are worth a try as they are lightweight and comfortable sports shoes. Tanjun is the best for regular use, as it has a breathable mesh upper and bendable support. Again if you prefer for gym or workout, Roshe is the best choice since it provides extra support.

I guess you got your answer. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to move on to the ideal choice. Make a list of all your preferences and pick the right pair to create a crackerjack image!

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