How to Stretch Rubber Boots?

Do you love to wear rubber boots and got a new pair of them that does not fit your foot properly? If so, then this article is for you. Rubber boots are the most comfortable footwear to put on in the rainy season.

Sometimes, rubber boots can be a little tight on the toe or front areas, or you may not get the perfect size for you. In that case, stretching is an excellent option to keep your beloved rubber boots to you.

In this article, we provide you detailed information about what are rubber boots, types of rubber boots, and the procedure of how to stretch rubber boots to help you get all information related to rubber boots.

What are Rubber Boots?

Rubber boots are a kind of knee-long boots made of rubber materials. Rubber boots are comfortable as well as handy footwear for the rainy seasons. Rubber boots keep you safe from mud as well as keep your foot dry while you visit outdoors.

Types of Rubber Boots

There are several types of rubber boots available in the market. Several kinds used for different purposes. Various kinds of rubber boots are Hunter rain boots, Sorel rubber boots, and Dunlop rubber boots, climbing, and riding rubber boots.

There are three kinds of materials that are used to made rubber boots. These are Vinyl, natural, and synthetic rubber boots. Natural rubber boots are the safest and non-toxic option for men, women, and Childs.

How to stretch the Rubber Boots?

If you feel tight in the toes or front areas of your rubber boots while putting them on, then you can stretch your rubber boots to get a perfect size. Though rubber boots stretching is not an easy task, but it is not impossible also.

Here in this article, we provide you a 5-steps guideline on how to stretch rubber boots to ease your hard work. If you read this article carefully and follow the below stated steps, then you can easily extend your rubber boots to get a perfect size.

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  1. Freeze your rubber boots
  2. Blow-dry your rubber boots
  3. Use stretching devices
  4. Use stretching liquid
  5. Seek helps from the cobbler

Let’s discuss the further details of these 5-steps and their stretching procedure.

Freeze Your Rubber Boots

The first method you should try is the freezing method. Many people get benefits by using this method. You have to have a freezer, zip-locked bag, water, and rubber boots to perform this method.

At first, take a zip-locked bag and pure water in it. Next, put your rubber boots in it and then keep it on the freezer for at least 8-10 hours.

Put your rubber boots out of the water bag and wear them with thick socks while still wet. Keep walking for a minimum of 10 minutes on it.

Repeat the process until your rubber boots get the proper size. If you are not satisfied with this method, then read further methods discussed below.

Use Blow Dry or Heat on Rubber Boots

The second method you can try is the heating method. You can use heat on your rubber boots or use a blow dryer on both sides of your rubber boots to soften the toes or front areas.

Then, put on thick socks, and then put on your rubber boots and keep walking for at least 30 minutes. Keep trying this method until you get your perfect size rubber boots.

Some rubber boots are made of the processed materials that can come back to its original size. So, in that case, you can try the other four methods to get the proper sized/ stretched rubber boots.

Use Stretching Devices

If you don’t get the perfect stretched rubber boots by following the methods as mentioned above, then you can try stretching devices to stretch your rubber boots.

You can find stretching devices in the shoe shop while shopping. You can have stretching devices that are made for toes and front area stretching and make use of them when you need to extend your rubber boots.

Stretching devices are designed to stretch the shoes to get the perfect shape. So you can use stretching devices for extending your rubber boots without any hesitation.

Utilize Stretching Liquid

The next method that you can follow to stretch your rubber boots uses the stretching liquid. If you want to try this method to extend your rubber boots, then buy the best stretching liquid available in the market.

You can also make homemade stretching liquid to stretch your rubber boots. If you want to make homemade stretching liquid, then mix water and alcohol equally to make the stretching liquid.

Use the formulated stretching liquid or homemade stretching liquid on your rubber boots where you feel tight while putting them on, such as the toes or calf areas.

Use the stretching liquid until your rubber boots look wet. Now wear thick socks and walking in your rubber boots until you get your needed size.

Seek Help from the Shoe Cobbler

The last method that you can try to get the proper size of your rubber boots is you can visit a nearby cobbler house and seek help from them.

This is the last option or method that you can try to stretch your rubber boots if the methods as mentioned above can’t help you.

Shoe cobblers have proper training on how to stretch rubber boots as well as having the required stretching tools to perform the stretching.

If you seek help from the shoe cobbler, then they can help you to get perfect size rubber boots. Shoes cobbler uses stretching devices finely to stretch your rubber boots and get an ideal fit for you.

Shoe cobbler can find out which rubber boots can be stretched and which one is not. They can also find out which pairs of rubber boots can be damaged if you want to stretch them.

In that case, you should better exchange your rubber boots pairs and get a perfect size.

Final Thought

Our step by step instructions on how to stretch rubber boots can sensitize you with all the information that you need to follow to stretch your rubber boots.

You should not force your feet on tight rubber boots because it can cause pain on your foot or can cause damage to your rubber boots.

In that case, you should change your rubber boots as soon as possible.

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