How To Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing – Three Easiest Ways

You would often see dancers wearing special kinds of shoes while they are dancing or performing. This is because their shoes need to have a certain slippery effect so that they can move better on the dance floor.

Most shoes come with rubber soles these days. Rubber soles are best for gripping the ground making sure that people don’t slip while wearing them. But to dance, you need slippery shoes.

How To Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing

Not everyone is interested in buying a new pair of shoes just to go to a program where they may or may not have to dance.

The easiest alternative is to make our existing shoes slippery. So, in this article, I will show you how to make shoes slippery for dancing. These will be some of the easiest ways that you ever come across. So, sit tight and get ready to dance.

Why Do You Need Slippery Shoes to Hit the Dance Floor?

It’s not a tradition on the dance floor that you have to wear slippery shoes. As a matter of fact, you need slippery shoes for dancing better. If you get your hands on a pair of dancing shoes, you’ll see that those shoes are very slippery.

What could be the reason behind this? Let’s find out why people need to make their shoes slippery for dancing.

Easier Movement

Dancing is basically a combination of movements made with our bodies. The most important part of dancing is keeping balance and having a very graceful movement. You have to be very flexible and cautious at the same time.

Dancing requires you to move fast and without any interruption during a casual session or a proper performance. Even practicing, you need to be very agile and have to have speed.

Speed and agility will only come if the shoes you are wearing have slippery soles. Because if the sole is not slippery, the shoes will make the movement much more difficult for anyone.

I know you have been wondering what is helping those dancers move so easily on the dance floor. The answer is slippery shoes. Not shoes with leather soles, suede soles or rubber soles. You have to either have or make the shoe sole slippery for dancing.

Having a bigger Dance Area

Having slippery shoes for dancing is like giving yourself some extra room for making free movement. The more easily you can move, the broader your area gets. Let me give you an example.

When you are traveling on public transport you may or may not prefer going longer distances. But if you own a bike or a car, that distance will not be an issue for you because you will always have a ride home.

The case of slippery shoes is the same. The better you have the chance of easier movement, the more room you can give to yourself to make those movements.

This is one of the most important reasons why people wear shoes that are slippery for dancing. Or what they do is, turn their ordinary worn-out suede soles into slipper soles.

Avoiding Injuries

Shoes that tend to stick to the floor, have more grip, increase the chances of tripping or stumbling, and falling down. That’s because if the road is good enough, the shoes are actually sticking to everything.

So, in a place where you have to move rather than holding the ground, you definitely would need a pair of shoes that can ensure better movement. What else can be better than getting some slippery shoes or making shoes slippery.

The dance floor surface is not a rough surface. It is already slippery for dancing by default. Wearing a pair of slippery shoes is an advantage.

As for slow dancing shoes, the ones you have are already great. Slow dancing shoes don’t add any tactical advantage to the dance moves. They are just for the show.

How To Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing

How To Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing girl

Let’s move forward with the business you’re here for. There are actually quite a few ways that you can adapt to make your shoes slippery for dancing. Some work, some don’t.

Before going forward with this, I tested almost all the techniques that are available online. Most of them didn’t work. The ones that I’m sharing are proven to work.

  1. Using Olive Oil

You must’ve heard people mentioning this olive oil method which is proven to work in many instances. I tried it myself.

You see, the method works perfectly provided you take all the steps perfectly. Some have misguided people into not doing it. I have tried and altered a few things to make shoes slippery for dancing. Let’s see how it works.

Clean the Shoe Soles

As a mandatory step, first, you have to clean the shoe soles properly. For that, you can absolutely use anything. Before going forward with the next step make sure the entire sole of the shoes is dry.

Sandpaper The Sole

Now, use a proper circular motion from one side only sand the bottom of the shoe. Make sure you don’t alternate between the sanding motion.

Wipe Using a Microfiber Cloth

Sanding releases a lot of residues which can be turned into microfiber particles. To get rid of such residue, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the sanded area perfectly.

Apply Olive Oil

Now the essence of the olive oil method can begin. Take a paper towel or any towel, take some olive oil onto the towel and start rubbing the oil onto the surface of the sole. The olive oil is supposed to fill in the hollow spaces and get absorbed by the sole to get slippery.

  1. Sanding The Soles

Another working method is the sandpaper method. Sanding anything automatically makes the surface smoother than ever.

This is a step of the olive oil method but if you’re not using olive oil it can be slightly different considering the entire surface slipperiness will depend on how well the soles have been sanded.

Another thing is that it’s a permanent method. Once you have sanded the bottom, you cannot reverse it. Your regular shoes will become dance shoes forever.

Keeping that in mind, let’s check out how to make shoes slippery for dancing with the sandpaper method.

Clean The Shoes

Just like the previous method, cleaning is a prerequisite before doing anything. So, carefully clean the shoes and wipe the bottom with a dry microfiber cloth after the shoes have completely dried.

Start Sanding

Now, this step here is tough. you can follow any motion, and start from any side, top or bottom. But the thing is the entire shoe surface has to be completely even to make sure your shoes are slippery enough for dancing.

Check and Finalize

Check where the sanding hasn’t ever been. If you think the sanding part is done, wear them and take a walk over a rough surface like gravel or sand. After that, your shoes will be ready for dancing.

Using Suede Soles

This is not a household method. Rather, it’s a method that offers you a temporary solution. Off the market, you can buy suede soles that stick on your shoe surface. These are called stick-on suede soles.

As thousands of such products are available on the market, you need to be very cautious about your pick. And if you want a suggestion, you can pick the Stick-on Suede Soles made by Soles2Dance.

The company is dedicated to making such shoe soles that people can use to turn their regular shoes into dance shoes. The advantages in this regard are very noticeable.

Advantages of Using Stick on suede soles

  • It’s a temporary solution
  • It does not require any labor
  • You still get to wear the shoes you are comfortable with
  • These are one-time use stick-on, you can just peel them out after your day is over.
  • They are cheap

So, these are the advantages that you get if you use stick-on suede soles. Some people prefer buying stick-on suede paper and cutting the sole size according to their shoes. That way, they have control.

Using Stick on Suede Soles

The usability is simple. Peel off the backing and stick it onto the shoe soles. That’s that. Some people use stick-on suede sole kits, which I think is utterly unnecessary.

Knowing how to use suede paper instead of these stick-on suede soles, that’s the thing to have some idea of. Let’s find out how you use suede paper to make your shoes slippery.

Step 1

Wear the shoes you want to turn into slippery shoes and place them onto the suede paper roll. Mark the shoe size using a marker or a pen, whichever your preference is. Cut the paper accordingly.

Step 2

If the paper is stick-on, you can directly stick it onto the shoe sole and cut off the side of the paper using a scissor. But if it’s not stick-on, you’d have to get your hands on some industrial-grade glue.

Apply the glue onto the non suede side of the paper and stick it onto the shoe. Make sure you are wearing them during the sticking-on because you’d have to stand for a few minutes after placing the paper.

Step 3

Stand upright with pressure so that the paper sticks perfectly. After 5 to 10 minutes take a walk, and make a few dance moves to see if the method worked.

Frequently Asked Question

How do you make shoes slippery?

There are many ways you can make your shoes slippery. The best three methods according to me are using olive oil, sanding the soles, or using a stick-on suede soles. Now, which method you choose is up to you. You can check the above to see the methods.

What can I put on the bottom of my shoes for dancing?

For dancing, you need slippery shoes and to make your shoes slippery, you can go for the simplest solution of getting some stick-on suede soles. Or you can get your DIY spirits up and use olive oil method or the sandpaper method.

Does hairspray make shoes non-slip?

Yes, the components hairspray contains can make shoes have more traction. But it’s not a recommended way. Hairspray can make the shoes very dirty and the components grab everything they can while you are walking. Going out with clean shoes after applying the hairspray method results in coming back home with a dirty pair.

Final Words

So, I have discussed three fine methods while answering the answer to the question of how to make shoes slippery for dancing. You can opt for any of these methods.

Each works perfectly. As I don’t want any of my regular shoes turning into dance shoes, I use Stick-on suede soles myself. My suggestion would be to try that.

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