How to Clean Clarks Desert Boots?

Clark’s desert boots are on top of comfortability, versatility, and durability, being popular since the 50s. One of the most common questions that we get is how to clean Clark’s desert boots? Do we need to? If then, how? We guess you also might be here for the same reason. If you care for your penny and want your shoes to sustain, they need to be cared for. By taken care, we mean cleaning and maintenance. 

To some people, suede shoes are a luxury or even a habit due to comfortability. But maintaining and cleaning them is pretty challenging. Some of us even do not bother to clean our shoes later and adequately complain about their longevity. Here are some simple steps with which will help you to clean them efficiently. You May Use a Suede Brush or an Eraser

1. Clean with a suede brush or a cloth: 

Cleaning shoes with brushes has been an age-old process, right?  Make sure the moment you buy a suede shoe or something you have a separate suede brush for its maintenance.  You can remove the extra dirt with a cloth by wiping it off. On the other using a suede brush will take a couple of minutes to get your shoes cleaned unless there is stubborn dirt.

Where is what you need:

  • An old piece of paper to cover the area where the dirt will fall off
  • Cloth or a suede brush
  • In case of scraping of dirt, you need a butter knife.

The process: 

You can start by covering the area with an old piece of paper. Hold the shoe, following the same direction, gently start brushing. Don’t touch, exerting too much pressure if the bristles are strong enough. But you can brush a bit harder if your shoe has stubborn dirt for days. On the other hand, if you need to pull off or scrape off mud or dirt, then a butter knife will do the best.

Water and vinegar solution:

An exact solution of water and vinegar can work great for cleaning stains off your shoes. So let’s see what you need.

Where is what you need:

Take an equal amount of vinegar and water in a bowl, give it a mix, and ready your solution. Now take a cloth-piece and dip it into the solution and start wiping your shoes. Make sure you dry it properly before another use.

2. Clean using eraser

Using an eraser or a suede eraser to clean the dirt of your desert boots is more likely to be useful except for water stains.  So let’s see what you need:

Where is what you need:

  • Your boot
  • Suede brush
  • Suede eraser

The process:

Well, the first step is to use a brush.  We have already enlightened you about how to use a brush to clean your desert boots. So, if you have used the brush before, now it’s time to get the perfection. The suede eraser will help you remove the stubborn scuffs, marks if any. While doing this process, your eraser may get dirty. You can brush it off with that brush you are using.

Suede erasers are pretty much affordable, and they know how to do the job at best. You will get 100 percent of it if you can use the solution of water and vinegar.

3. Cleaning process to remove water stains. / try waterproofing

Well, from all the above discussions, you have already known that removing water stains is not that easy.  In most cases, the dirt and even the muddy scuffs get released, but the water stains don’t. In this case, what you can do is try waterproofing your shoe.

You might be thinking, is waterproofing my clarks desert boots worth it? Let me tell you, waterproofing your shoe is very affordable and will take a lot less time that will save your shoe from getting stained further.

Here is what you need to do:

You can either use a waterproofing spray or a sno seal. A sno seal creates an extra protective layer over your shoes. Firstly do make a patch test over your boots. If it’s okay, then proceed further. When using the spray, ensure proper ventilation and let it dry well. It will help to increase the life expectancy and longevity of your shoes.

In the case of waterproof sprays, they are cheap and easy to apply. Apply a double coat to get the best results and let it dry well. While giving double coats, ensure proper drying in the middle.

4. What to do if I have a beeswax one?

Clarks beeswax leather boots undoubtedly needs regular and high maintenance. Some of them are quite expensive. So here is how to deal with it:

Use a cloth:

First of all, you can either use a soft brush or a cloth to wipe of the dirt and keep it shiny.

For tough stains:

For severe and stubborn stains, you can use saddle soap for proper cleaning.

Take care of the sole:

Make sure you take care of the shoe sole well. If your shoe has a synthetic or crepe sole, use a mild detergent.

Use leather oil:

Lastly, use leather oil to restrain the shiny effect. Use carefully, so it doesn’t destroy the original color. Clarks desert boots are quite famous for their color, vibrancy, and comfortability.  But a lot of people have very little knowledge about how to clean Clarks’ desert boots.

Again it’s pretty, though, to sustain its original color if it isn’t taken great care of. Besides, if you treat your shoes properly, your boots will last long, whether you wear them every day or every other day. Feel free regarding any queries about boots, stretchy  Boots, or any footwear, we are here.

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