Do Running Shoes Make a Difference or Make You Faster?

People often wonder what running shoes actually do because they can run in joggers too. But, what they don’t realize is that running shoes are specifically made for running, duh. And that they make a very big difference.

But, how are running shoes different from regular shoes? And how exactly do they benefit us? Want to know all about it? Then keep reading because we are going to give you a sneak peek of pretty much everything about running shoes.

Do Running Shoes Make You Faster?

Yes, according to recent research, it is found that running shoes can make you run a lot faster than usual and it can also increase your efficiency. These shoes even make you more agile and you will feel light once you wear them.

If you have ever worn a running shoe, you will realize how airy and lightweight they are which gives a lot of room for your legs to swing properly. Hence, you run a lot faster in running shoes than in our regular joggers.

The main reason why running shoes make you faster is that they are lighter than usual and also help with providing just the right kind of speed that you want. Running shoes were not always like this but with time, there have been so many innovations that have made them very efficient in running.

The running shoes we see now are specifically designed to not weigh you down and give you an extra boost while running. In fact, now there is a lot of science involved in the making of running shoes so they offer maximum benefits to your feet.

How Do Running Shoes Make You Faster?

Now that we have established that running shoes do make you run faster, how exactly do they do it? Well, there are a lot of things involved in making running shoes the best in the game so, let’s have a look at those factors one by one.

1. Material

The material of running shoes has a very prominent effect on the speed of runners. That is the very reason why most running shoes use high-quality Nylon, Polyurethane, or other breathable and lightweight materials.

Also, mostly these materials are stretchable too and provide a very healthy swing to your legs. These materials don’t weigh you down and are very airy which makes your running shoes even more lightweight.

The best material for running shoes usually is nylon as it works wonders while running and provides just the right kind of control that you need while running. So, the material used in the making of running shoes also makes you run faster by providing more flexibility and swing.

2. Weight

The weight of shoes plays a key role in determining whether they are going to be good for running or not. So, when it comes to running shoes, they have to be super-lightweight and airy otherwise they will affect your speed a lot.

The reduced weight of running shoes results in maximum speed. The thing with having lightweight shoes is that then your feet can work at their maximum capacity and you feel like you are running faster which is very true.

When your shoes are lightweight, you are not carrying the extra 2 pounds weight of regular joggers which also increases the speed quite a lot and the lightweight also means that your feet are going to be more comfortable and in a flexible position.

If you look at the leading running shoe brands, you will find out that their biggest selling point is lightweight because weight of the shoes plays a key role in determining whether it is going to be good for running or not.

3. Design

We all know that running shoes do look a bit quirky but, did you know that they are designed in such a way that it increases the speed? The running shoes are intricately designed, keeping in mind the anatomy of your feet.

Running shoes were simpler back then but now, as the technology is moving forward, the designs have also become a lot more advanced and better. They are designed in such a way despite constant bending, they don’t get damaged.

Also, the overall design of running shoes makes them perfect to use for long races. Because of their design, the speed is also increased and you get the most out of it.

4. Cushioning

Weight does play a key role in making your running shoe swift but one thing that we cannot ignore is the cushioning of the shoe. If the cushioning of a running shoe is top-notch and it provides maximum support, then there is no reason why you would not run faster in them.

Though cushioning does not do all the work alone and it has to be paired with the right kind of weight and design but if your running shoe does not have proper cushioning, you might face foot ache which does not help with faster running at all.

Poor cushioning can drastically affect your performance and we have seen it in multiple marathons too. Also, if you are constantly running, you also face the risk of certain feet injuries.

What cushioning does is that it decreases the risk of injuries by protecting your feet from all the impacts. Also, running shoes have the type of cushioning that not only protects the feet but also provides proper support which maximizes their speed. So, cushioning of the running shoe is also responsible for its high speed.

Are Running Shoes Actually Worth it?

Yes, running shoes are worth every penny and they work like wonders but only if you are a professional runner or you like to jog a lot. If you are just buying running shoes for walking around, then you might be killing the purpose.

But we cannot deny the fact that running shoes are very comfortable and perfect in wearing for long hours. So, if you like wearing them, there is no harm in it and you can go for it.

Running shoes are designed specifically for people who run or jog a lot or for those who participate in marathons so if you are one of them, these shoes are really worth it. Also, if you work at a place where you constantly have to walk around and you tend to sweat a lot, then you can still go for running shoes as they are highly breathable.

Do I Need to Wear Running Shoes?

There is no law obviously that you need to wear running shoes or else you are not allowed to run but the fact that it affects your performance makes it really necessary to wear one. Running is a very tricky business and it takes a lot of energy so, you need a shoe that is made for meeting your running needs. 

Running shoes don’t let the inside of your shoe get hot despite constant running and it also helps with increasing the speed and letting your feet breathe. So, even though you don’t need a running shoe, you should be having one for sure if you are serious about your performance and about running.

Sometimes, when we wear regular joggers daily, we get blisters or get foot ache because of poor cushioning but, you can wear running shoes daily. Though wearing them more would mean that they would wear out sooner than usual, running shoes by far are the best for maximum comfort.

You can even walk regularly in running shoes because, despite all the differences, running shoes still are shoes and can give you added comfort and support which is not bad at all. But all in all, you don’t need a running shoe however, if you want to be a better runner, you should be having a running shoe for sure.

Are Running Shoes Safer Than Regular Shoes?

Yes, there is no second opinion in saying that running shoes are a lot safer than the regular shoes that we wear. Professional runners always prefer running shoes over anything because they know that these shoes can save them from a lot of injuries.

Also, running shoes have the tendency to absorb impact of faster running which reduces the chances of sore joints or joint injuries. Despite being flexible, running shoes are not too over the board stretchy because they do need to provide you with proper and sturdy support too.

Because of being highly breathable, running shoes don’t trap the moisture from sweat in your feet which reduces the chances of getting fungal infections that are very common with our regular shoes.

Also, you can wear running shoes anywhere, either on roads or tracks without having to worry about excessive slip while you often face this problem with regular shoes that they slip a lot on certain surfaces which is very dangerous as it can result in injuries.

Are Running Shoes the Same as Trainers?

No, there is quite a lot of difference between running and training shoes. In fact, both of them are even made for different purposes. We all know that running shoes are made for running of course and they increase our speed.

But trainers are made for particular activities like aerobics. So, the features of training shoes are designed in such a way that they provide maximum performance in all directions which means they are more flexible.

Trainers are also called multi directions shoes but, they don’t help a lot with speed. If you are going for some physical activity like aerobics, then trainers might be good for you otherwise, it is better to just stick to running shoes.

When talking about running shoes, it is important to know that they provide perfect heel-to-toe movement which is required for high-speed running. Also, the type of support and cushioning we get in running shoes is unmatched.

So, trainers can’t really match the comfort and performance level of running shoes when it comes to speed and you will run a lot faster when wearing running shoes as compared to trainers.

But, just know that if you are more comfortable with trainers, then go with your gut because at the end of the day, the purpose obviously is maximum comfort for your feet as you cannot afford an injury or a pulled muscle.

Can You Run Faster Without Running Shoes?

Yes, it most certainly is possible to run faster without running shoes but that does not mean you should do it. People often find themselves running faster when barefoot but it is not a safe way of running at all.

Also, when you are not wearing running shoes, you don’t have proper control over your feet so, it can result in a lot of injuries. We highly suggest you always wear running shoes before going out for a run because it is the safest and fastest way.

If you still cannot get your hands on the running shoes, you can still go for regular shoes but do not run barefoot because it will result in more harm than good. For maximum speed and comfort, your first choice should be running shoes.

Which Running Shoes Should You Pick?

When talking about running shoes, quality matters the most. Also, which running shoes you should pick completely depends upon your own preference. But, we are listing a few things below and if you consider them while picking your shoe, it can help a lot with faster running.

1. Foot Type

There are specialized running shoes for every foot type because they are supposed to hug your feet properly and if they are not made for your foot type, it might result in improper fitting which you don’t really want as you would be running in them for several miles.

Some people have wide feet and there are certain running shoes that are specifically made for people with wide feet. So, if you are picking the shoe according to your foot type, it will increase the performance and will make you faster than ever.

2. Comfort

When talking about running shoes, the most important thing is comfort and you need to put your comfort above everything else when choosing running shoes. You are going to spend quite a lot of time in these shoes and that is why it is very important to pay attention to comfort.

There is a lot of cushioning in running shoes along with proper insole support. Make sure that you are getting the running shoe that has maximum padding and support because they are really comfortable to wear and you can also run in these shoes properly.

3. Surface

You should also consider the surface that you will be running on because if you buy a running shoe accordingly, it will help you a lot in running faster and better. If you are buying shoes specifically for running on track, they might not be as helpful while you are running on grass.

So, either go for the ones that work on all surfaces or just pick the one that you like and find comfortable. But, if you are a professional, then make sure to pick the one that is suitable for running on the track because that is where you will be spending most of your time.

4. Support

You also need to determine what kind of support you need and then buy your running shoe accordingly. Most running shoes offer maximum support but in certain health conditions, you need a little extra support.

There are specific running shoes that are made for people with feet injuries and they provide you just the right kind of support that you need. So, make sure that before you decide anything, do a little digging and find a suitable running shoe for you.

5. Price

When picking a good running shoe, make sure to always look at the price. There are a lot of running shoes that will cost you even more than $5000 but, you need to pick the one that you actually like and that comes under your budget.

There are a lot of budget-friendly options too in the running shoe market but that does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. You just need to find a running shoe that does not cost you a lot and offers the same benefits as the high-end ones in the market.


So, regular shoes are great and all but as we now know that running shoes are a lot better than them. If you are a professional runner, running shoes should be your first choice because they make you a lot faster and are comfortable too.

Also, just know that running shoes are specifically made for running so they do make a lot of difference in the performance and efficiency and they do not harm your feet at all. So, if you are ready to put your comfort and health before everything else, make sure to pick running shoes as they actually are the best.

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