Do I Sleep With My Walking Boot on?

Sleeping with waking boots on can be quite awkward to some. But it is perfectly fine if you recently had a foot injury or you have been told to do so by a doctor. Do I sleep with my  walking boot on? Well if technically answered you should! ( if there is any injury or discomfort) 

Wearing your walking shoes all day long and later putting them on at night can be a discomfort to many. Even doctors sometimes tell us to put it off. But the question is who would want to take such a risk after an injury right?

It’s kind of obvious that you are wearing a walking boot because of a foot injury or serious discomfort. It is just to enlighten you that wearing a walking boot at night is not harmful at all rather it’s much more secure.

How does a walking boot heal my leg?

If you are not aware of walking boots then let me tell you a walking boot is a special type of boot that doctors will suggest you wear after you have had a serious fracture, surgery, or any kind of serious injury. It usually comes with 2 to 5 straps that give you the perfect adjustability according to your need.

A walking boot will keep the damaged leg or ankle stable and firm trying to restore its position. If it is properly used it helps greatly for medical purposes.

The walking boot and bed:

As told before you have surely advised wearing a walking boot due to any serious injury right? During sleep, not all people are strictly conscious about their leg movement. On the other hand, if you have got a displaced ankle or fracture the risk could be beyond first aid. Moreover, some people get nature’s call a lot more than others. 

In that case, wearing your walking boot at night each time you go to the bathroom is quite a hazard. So, wearing a walking boot at night is both secure and hazard-free. But if you still want to do so; you can.

After all, it’s your leg, comfortability, and doctors’ advice. No, if you are tensed about wearing that boot from time to time; you can check some great tips for wearing a walking boot.

How to ensure comfort while wearing walking boots at night:

A lot of people put off their walking boots at night due to feeling uncomfortable. So, if you learn how to make it comfortable for you then you might not get upset. So let’s see how you can make it comfortable for you.

  • Loosening the straps 

Walking boots usually come with 2 to 5 adjustable straps that can take a firm hold of your damaged ankle or foot. They usually provide a strict alignment that doesn’t allow any movement and ultimately it treats the displacement right. 

 So instead of putting off your boot, you can just loosen the straps. The straps are very much adjustable and you can loosen it to your comfort zone at night. In this way, you get better sleep, comfortability, and treatment in a better way.

  • Using cushion or pillow:

Another great choice is to use cushions while sleeping. Place pillows in such a manner that will hold your legs steadily and firmly. Place one or two cushions under your leg and besides. Place another one against the feet. This will allow soft support to your feet and will also keep your feet steady.

There is another choice you can go for, that is going for both. First, loosen the straps and then go for the pillow process. This is how you will get the double benefit and your treatment won’t be hampered anyway.

Not used to with a walking boot?

Well if this is the first x-ray report that tells you to need a walking boot then you surely might feel uncomfortable at the starting. The whole purpose of a walking boot is to provide the support a leg needs to walk. A walking boot and a normal bot can never be the same, there will always be a little discomfort.

 The job of a walking boot is to ensure that your body doesn’t exert extra pressure on your foot. Such boots were introduced so that you don’t need any other assistance or help. But at the start, many people face a lot of difficulties in walking so some prefer using a crutch. This is for the starting. Once you feel comfortable to walk you can leave those.

What to do when showering?

Well, that’s a common thought. Walking boots are improvised so that no pressure is exerted on the feet. You can wear it all day, all night long but during a shower, you need to be careful. If anyhow water enters into the boot it can be of the great hazard causing serious irritation. It will ultimately hamper the whole process.

If possible you can take off your boot. But that will create pressure on your feet that is not allowed. So what you can do is cover the whole area with a plastic or trash bag.


Walking boots are a great heal to your injured leg. They provide all the support you need to get back to your regular walk. So, I guess your age-old confusion regarding do I sleep with my walking boot is clear. Do keep in mind that you keep your legs or the fractured area elevated for at least 2 to 3 hours each day.

Look for even places or surfaces while walking and follow the instruction that the doctor has given you regarding weight management and exerting pressure. If followed properly your doctor may advise you to remove the boots earlier and you are free!

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