Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots: Choose Better One for You

Clarks is a timeless brand that needs no introduction. It is one of the leading brands in the unique footwear field, especially when talking about chukka boots. If you want to pick a boot from the Clarks brand, you must go through the Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots.

Chukka boot is something a man must have in his wardrobe. Be it a formal or casual outfit; the boot can spark up your any look. Clarks is there for almost two centuries, so choosing one from Bushacre and Desert chukka boots makes sense.

Both the boots are identical in many characteristics, and choosing one from the two is tricky. So, here I am to assist you in picking one with the comparison based on some traits to get rid of the clash. Let us start the discussion to choose the right pair of boots for you.

About Clarks Bushacre Boots:

For the true Clarks boot lovers, Clarks Bushacre is one of the most admired collections. It is a surprising addition in the world of boot lovers, and its demand graph is still increasing since it launched.

The design, weight, and flexibility of the sole can upgrade your overall look in no time. Bushacre is designed to offer the longest possible service life to the users. Leather upper, rubber sole makes it flexible and durable.

Among all the latest additions of Clark’s collections, Bushacre stands on top for a lightweight, cushioned insole and more natural rubber sole. Amazingly it is one of the most-selling boots of Clarks even after launching many latest models.

Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots

About Clarks Desert Boots:

Clarks is incomplete without its trendy chukka Desert boots. Undoubtedly the most admired and iconic boot of all time. The soldiers’ crepe-soled boots inspired the design of the boot with suede leather uppers.

You might love the experience of pairing it with any of your favorite outfits. That is not only due to its sleek and lightweight design but also to the crepe sole. This crepe sole is super beneficial and environmentally friendly. But the only thing you need to consider is, it is not formal.

Dessert boots are inexpensive, informal, and comfy. The level of comfort in it may make you feel like wearing a slipper. The breathability and softness of the material make it fit reasonably in warm weather. It is so comfortable that you can style it with or without socks.

Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots Comparisons, Which One to Pick:

Both Clarks Bushacre and Desert Boots are high-quality boots and worth the price. But if you plan to get one, you must take a side to choose. That choosing starts by looking at the basic comparison of Clarks Bushacre and Desert Boots. I want to specify an outline of both models’ in four significant characteristics. 

  • Uppers
  • Sole
  • Size
  • Durability


Clarks Bushacre Boots: In Bushacre, uppers are made of flexible leather. It can keep your feet relaxed even after the whole day-long use. The chukkas are lined with synthetic lining. For this reason, it makes the leather thinner than other traditional boots.

Clarks Desert Boots: The top-class breathable leather upper is one of the most excellent features of the Dessert. The upper can prevent your feet from sweating and overheating. Dessert comes in both leather and suede uppers. These chukkas are not lined, which makes the leather thicker than Bushacre.


Clarks Bushacre Boots: The secrecy behind being Bushacre strong grip is the rubber sole. It provides you with a good grip on snowy or rainy streets. The sole is designed to keep weatherproofing and slippery wet climates in focus. Cushioning insole and artificial inside layer offers a relaxing walk-in boots experience.

Clarks Desert Boots: The Desert boots of Clarks come with a crepe sole. The benefits of the soles are they are light, soft, and ensure comfort while wearing for hours. They also offer an excellent grip on dry sandy lands. It also tends to slip on wet conditions as the name refers to boots for dessert, not for monsoon.


Clarks Bushacre Boots: The material of Bushacre is so supple and stretchable that it expands while putting on. So the boot is identified to run a little on the bigger side. According to the users, one size smaller than your regular size will fit you. So picking a pair of Bushacre might be slightly tricky for you.

Clarks Desert Boots: Same goes for the Desert boots. The flexibility of the material makes it run a little big and takes the shape of your feet. Users found a half size smaller than your actual shoe size will fit you perfectly. To know specific sizes go through the article to find out correct measurements.


Clarks Bushacre Boots: Stitch-down manufacturing of Bushacre boot offers a sturdy design. If you decide to put on a formal outfit, you can blindly choose a pair of Bushacre. However, you need to take care while using it in rain and snow. The upper material of the boot is not considered a water-resistant feature. So wet weather may decrease your boots’ life.  

Clarks Desert Boots: If you decide to use your boots regularly like wear and tear, you can confidently choose a pair of Desert boots. While designing the model, Clarks was more focused on its service life and waterproofing. Therefore, it is the right choice for regular informal use. Additionally, you can go through the cleaning process if you want to your boots last longer.

Final Thought:

When we discuss Clarks Bushacre Vs. Desert Boots, some find them poles apart and some not. The debate of comparison between the two is endless. The two pairs of boots from the same brand are the challenger to each other.

Both the boots are worthy of a try. They both are well suited for harsher weather like extreme rain or snow. Bushacre is the same design with leather upper and rubber sole with a smooth finish. Again if you prefer for more flexible and gummy-like textured sole, Desert Boot is the best choice since it provides a crepe outsole.

I guess you got your solution. So, why are you delaying? Get ready to move on to the perfect choice. None of them will fail you. Make a list of all your likings and pick the right pair of boots to upgrade your outfit and style!

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