Can You Use Coconut Oil on Leather Boots?

Whether it is winter or rainy season, leather boots are a luxury to most of us. But the moment it starts to lose its moisture, it’s a disgrace to many. Regarding this, a lot of people asked can you use coconut oil on leather boots?

Well, coconut oil is a great heal starting from diet to our skin. But everything has a hand of evil, right? Primarily if you search the answer, it is yes there is no offense in using it. But there are some technical facts that you should know before for it that might change your decision also.

So, please give a careful read ahead:

 For restraining moisture, coconut oil is indeed a great choice. But if it is about leather boots, some have advised no to do so. But that doesn’t mean it will destroy your shoe.

It is always better if you can use flaxseed oil; on your leather boots. On the other hand, there are several leather conditioning oils available on the market. They are also a great choice.

How often should I condition my leather boots?

 If technically answered, the time of conditioning depends on the regularity of wearing your boots. Otherwise, the moment you feel that flaky, dry, or thirsty feeling over the surface of your boots, you can go for it.

Leather boots are widely famous for their shine and longevity. But the glow and original color of leather boots do not remain the same if not taken care of seriously. Moreover, to keep the shine of the footwear as it is, conditioning is a must.

Why use a leather conditioner?

There are a lot of us who don’t even know about leather conditioning. Well, that’s not a crime to be aware of it. Leather boots of quality are pretty much expensive, and if you want to keep the shine, durability, and longevity, then regular maintenance and conditioning are a must.

  •  Leather conditioner:

 Leather conditioners are natural or synthetic oil used to restrain the dampness of leather boots. The way your skin needs moisture so does the leather of your shoes. Leather conditioners help to maintain the natural shine of your leather. It also helps to treat minor scuffs. Such conditioners also help to create a barrier so that it doesn’t allow extra water resistance.

What’s the problem with coconut oil and leather boots?

The wonders of coconut oil are a lot to describe. As told before, there is some clear no to coconut oil as a leather conditioner. Let us see why it is so. The main problem is that it freezes during winter. For such reasons it can be a lot unsuitable for you to use a leather conditioner. Let us see how:

  • It may darken your leather. Regular use of coconut oil as a conditioner may help you keep the shine intact, but it can dull your original color.
  • The leather of your boots absorbs coconut oil. It will lead to coconut oil resurfacing.
  • Sometimes it may leave oil spots. 
  • It can leave a white cast effect.

When to use coconut oil on leather boots?

The issues mentioned above are for cold temperatures. Typically if you are in a hotter climate, the cons are significantly less likely to arrive. The reason is that in hotter weather, coconut oil remains as it is. They don’t freeze and work great.

After all, natural conditioners are something inexpensive and wonderful at the same time. So, if you are not residing in a freeze cold area, you can surely go for coconut oil as a conditioner for your leather boots.

What if I still want to use coconut oil conditioner for my leather boots living in cold temperatures?

Every problem has its solution, so does I have one for you. Coconut oil as a conditioner can still be great if you excel in some tips. The main problem is that it freezes with time. If you can manage a heating source, you can undoubtedly use it as a leather conditioner. 

 After heating, the oil will go back to its original texture. Such texture will keep and restrain the shine of your leather and will do great as a conditioner.

How to use coconut oil to condition leather boots?

 The first and foremost step of leather conditioning is you clean your leather boot first. It is the step you should not miss anyway. The cleaner your shoes are, the more they shine. 

  • For cleaning, you can follow the process of regular boot cleaning. You can use a water and vinegar solution. Else you can follow the primary steps of cleaning desert boots.  Or you may clean your shoes using castile soap that would be gentle on your leather.
  •  You can soak a towel into the water and vinegar solution or on the quick fix of castile soap. Afterward, remove the excess solution by squeezing it. Then gently wipe all over your leather boot.
  • Next, you need to make sure your shoes are correctly dried. If required, dry it for the whole night and then proceed further.
  • If you are using the liquid version of coconut oil, then that’s great. If not so, by following the above process to heat your coconut oil, you can go for it smoothly. Pour some coconut oil into a bowl. Dip your fingers into it and gently apply that to your shoes. While applying, try laying in a round motion and then start brushing with a unique or regular brush. You can use a horse airbrush also. But don’t brush too hard if the bristles aren’t soft and supple.
  • Lastly, use a clean towel to remove and wipe off any extra residue and give it a final touch by brushing.

Thus, now you are clear, can you use coconut oil on leather boots? Did you get that answer straight now, right? So, what are you waiting for at the stage! Bring back your leathers shine in the most inexpensive way.

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