Can You Put Steel Toe Boots in The Dryer – All You Need to Know

Using the perfect footwear for work is excellent. However, if you need to get it long-lasting, this is crucial to look after your boots correctly. The related question is: can you put steel toe boots in the dryer when taking their proper care? 

Most types of boots, including steel toes, should not be put in your dryer because they could damage your boots. But, you might not have enough time to dry the boots naturally. As a result, you should look for some alternative methods to do it.

Can You Put Steel Toe Boots in The Dryerr

Do not worry; we are here and going to help overcome this issue. Keep reading the entire content to get the practical solutions to dry your toe boots.

Can You Put Steel Toe Boots in the Dryer?

You have already learned to avoid drying your steel-toe boots in your dryer. Still, you probably wonder what happens if you put your steel-made toe boots in a dryer. Indeed, they are not designed to be put in a dryer because high heat may damage the sticky parts of the boots, and it can cause other issues.

Let’s know below in detail what happens with your steel-made toe boots if you put them in a dryer:

Scenario 01

Suppose your boots’ outer layers are crafted of leather. As the scorching air comes from a dryer, it will harm the fiber of its leather. For this reason, the boots will lose their hydration, and the leather-made outer layer will crack and shrink, making the boots look worn-out and nasty.

Also, your dryer can damage the nonstop ramming of the boot’s steel when you do it for about 15 – 45 minutes. It means that the process will damage your boots and the dryer simultaneously. For this reason, you must avoid using a dryer as long as you have access to other methods.

Scenario 02

Say you are keeping that dryer on the “No Heat” after putting your boots in it. In this issue, the leather of your boots may remain preserved. But, you cannot prevent this damage to the dryer because you’ll not find such a setting that can prevent it from happening.

Also, it is possible to bend your boots, making them impossible to put on anymore. So, using a dryer to dry your steel or leather boots is not recommended.

How to Dry Steel-Toe Boots – 6 Best Methods

You know what happens if you dry your boots by putting them in a dryer. Many ways are there to dry the steel-made toe boots without using the dryer of your washing machine. Let’s learn some practical ways to dry your boots fruitfully:

Drying Your Boots Naturally

There are natural solutions for all issues, including drying your moist toe boots. Please keep them in the sunlight until they are dried satisfactorily. It would be best to put them where they’ll get enough sunlight quickly.

Essentially, this is nice to put the boots in a position that allows the boot’s throat to face the sun. Then, leave the boots as they are and see the magic of nature. But, if you need to dry the boots faster, you must change the position of the boots several times to ensure that they are getting exposed on all sides to sunlight.

Using A Fan

Using a fan is another effective process to dry the toe boots that will help you avoid possible damage. You may try this drying method independently or together with the help of sunlight. Indeed, a fan and the sunlight will allow you to dry the boots without delay.

When you use a fan in this drying process, tie them so that the fan blows air straight at the body of the boots. But, don’t forget to make sure one thing the fan should be strong enough to bear your boot’s weight.

If the fan is not much sturdy, keep the boots on something that ensures the boots are at the exact position of your fan and blowing air directly. Keep the boots right under the fan if you use your ceiling fan.

Using Newspaper

You may harm your delicate shoes when you dry them. So, you can use newspapers and dry them effectively without any harm. Since the method does not make any stress out of the shoes, it is considered one of the most valuable ways to dry your boots.

However, this method takes more time to get the job done nicely. It takes more time, but it prevents your boots from being damaged. As a result, you must not be in a hurry when you go through the technique. Before you use this process, you need to clean your shoes.

Take some newspapers and pack them into the boots to start the process. Then, cover your shoes with some other newspaper. You can accelerate the process by changing the newspaper after a few hours.

The result will be more satisfying if you leave the newspaper in the boots for the night. Also, taking out the insoles will be more helpful.

Using A Towel

The method is almost identical to the previous newspaper method. The process requires a dry bath towel and covers the boot with it. It also needs to change one towel after a few hours like that method. It is another good way that makes the fan technique more effective.

However, it does not want to change these towels as often as you did for the newspaper. But, the method’s downside is you cannot use these used towels for regular bath purposes anymore. So, if you are conscious of hygiene, you must avoid them at any cost.

Thus, the process is more valuable than that newspaper when it comes to changing the frequency of the towel. But, it could be impractical until you get some spare towels that you want to use no longer.

Using Rice

Believe it or not – rice has the magical power of drying wet things like electronics. For example, if you drop and wet the phone in any water body, put it in rice, then see the magic. Likewise, the rice helps you dry your steel-made toe boots in this method.

It does not mean we are telling you to put the boots in the rice right after taking it out from the water. The process is suitable for removing the residual moisture when the boots are nearly dry, but you still think it is slightly damp.

For this purpose, putting 1 or 2 cups of rice for every boot is enough to work great in this technique. So, get some rice, put them in a solid plastic bag, place the boots, and leave them overnight to watch the magic.

Some people may dislike the method as it requires additional cleaning. Also, it is pointless to say that this is a method where you will waste some good rice.

Can You Put Steel Toe Boots in The Dryer

Using A Specific Boot Dryer

If you own pairs of shoes, investing in a good boot dryer is recommended. The specific boot dryer is an innovative way to dry the boots quickly. It will help you dry your boots when there is no sun or other above-said methods.

Apart from using the dryer to dry your boots, you can simultaneously dry many different things, including gloves and garments. A dryer with 2HP is enough to get sufficient warm blow.

It is a great way to dry your boots thoroughly within a short time. But, you must be cautious because your boot dryer would not be suitable for all kinds of shoes.

A safer choice is to utilize a particular dryer mainly designed for drying toe boots. But, remember that this method is rarely suggested to dry your boots because it can harm them in the long run.

Additional Tips to Dry Your Steel Toe Boots

When your boots become wet, they need a while to dry. We talked a lot previously regarding the ways of drying your boots.

Below are some additional and valuable tips that will help you look after your boots correctly and prevent them from being dirty and wet:

  • Do not dry your boots when they have mud or other solid particles. You can find some permanent and weird colored spots if you do it.
  • When you’re going to dry the boots, you must clean them first because the glued particles can reduce the glaze of your boots. 
  • A few toe boots come with removable soles, so remove them and dry them separately. It will help them dry faster if you place them in warm air.
  • Before you put the boots on for drying, remove or loosen their laces for better exposure to the sunlight.
  • Keeping your boots in a dried room will leave them less moisture. So, get a warmer room in the house and place your boots in it.

Remember, the given drying methods above are temporary, not permanent. The ways are helpful to dry the boots when they get wet. But, it does not mean you can apply these methods to keep them dry. As a result, use your boots with care and store them correctly to prevent them from being damp.

What Mistakes to Avoid

Most steep toe boots come with this issue: their outsoles sometimes fall apart. The problem does not happen due to the manufacturing method; it usually happens because of poor maintenance.

So, you can overcome this one and some other potential issues if you avoid some mistakes. Let’s know what the avoiding errors are:

  • Avoid exposing your boots to high temperatures like campfires, heaters, wood stoves, and blow dryers.
  • They provide good heat, but it might be intolerable for the boots. It also can affect the glue of your boots while placing them into direct heat.
  • If you do not have any other option, you must dry the boots with care, excluding a campfire. Keep the boots at a safer distance from the campfire. It must be at least two meters between the campfire and the boots.
  • Always remember one thing: you are drying the boots, not making the toast.

Final Words

We hope you got the correct answer to the question: can you put steel toe boots in the dryer. In brief, boots are not designed to be put in a dryer because the high temperature can harm the glued parts and make them misshapen.

As a result, drying steel boots using a dryer can damage your boots and the machine itself. The best thing is to choose any other methods above except a dryer.

Among the most excellent processes is the sunlight that comes and works naturally without affecting your boots.

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