Boxing Shoes vs Wrestling Shoes – Similarities and Differences

If you think that boxing shoes and wrestling shoes are pretty much the same, then you might be mistaken because, despite the fact that these shoes have some similarities, they are completely alike.

When beginner wrestlers or boxers go shoe shopping, they usually are unable to differentiate between these two types of shoes and it happens to almost every beginner. So, don’t worry if it has happened to you as well because this guide will make you a pro in picking the right type of shoe.

We are going to talk about the main differences and similarities between boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes so stay with us because you are in for a treat.

How Wrestling and Boxing Shoes Are Similar?

There are plenty of things that might give you the impression that these two shoes are of the same type so we will first get into the similarities.

1. Lightweight

Boxing and wrestling, both shoes are very lightweight because the intention is to provide enough support to the fighter without weighing him down. Also, the fighter has to constantly jump and move from one place to another and heavy shoes cannot provide that type of freedom.

The footwork is the key to winning any boxing or wrestling match and you always need to be swift and flawless in your movements. Just one stumble and you will be dominated by the opponent and this is exactly where the lightweight boxing and wrestling shoes enter.

2. Lack Of Proper Support

Boxing and wrestling shoes usually don’t have the kind of support that other shoes have mainly because adding supportive pads or materials can weigh you down and make the shoe heavier which is not the motive here at all.

Also, as the boxers and wrestlers are constantly moving from one place to another, they don’t necessarily need support but mainly need pace and a strong grip so they can easily move from one place to another swiftly. So, the lack of support is common in both types of shoes because of their thin sole and lightweight.

3. Material

Both wrestling and boxing shoes are made from synthetic materials and mainly very light leather or suede material is used in the making of these shoes. It is really important that the material is lightweight mainly because of flexibility and better movement.

The material used in insoles of boxing and wrestling shoes is also pretty similar as the shoes are made from rubber or a mock of rubber and are very thin as well. This rubber material is very important because it provides better flexibility and grip for quick movements in both wrestling and boxing.

4. Size

Generally, boxing and wrestling shoes are of the same size and because both of them are made almost of the same material and are lightweight, their size is also pretty similar. If you look at boxing or wrestling shoes, they look really bulky from the surface but actually, they are not heavy at all.

Despite the size of these shoes, nothing really weighs them down and they hug your feet properly with just the right type of grip. So, the shape and structure of both the shoes are almost the same with just one difference that we are going to discuss in our “differences” section.

5. Price

The price of boxing and wrestling shoes is pretty similar as well. Though the price range can be from $50 to $5000, we cannot say that boxing shoes are more expensive than wrestling shoes because both have some of the priciest pieces so their price is also quite similar to each other.

Main Differences Between Boxing And Wrestling Shoes

When we talk about differences, well there are quite a lot of them just like similarities because no matter how much these shoes look alike, at the end of the day, they are used for two different types of sports.

1. Texture Of Soles

Though the material of soles is similar most of the time in boxing and wrestling shoes, we can notice a major difference in the texture of the soles. Wrestling shoes mostly need a better grip on the mat to reduce falling incidents.

That is why their soles are also ridged because ridged soles are perfect for an improved and better grip. On the other hand, the sole of boxing shoes is comparatively smooth with minimum cuts that provide freedom of movement and grip at the same time.

2. High Ankles

Boxing and wrestling shoes have yet another major difference that even makes them look pretty different which is the ankle height of the shoes. Wrestling shoes have the same height as any other sports shoes because wrestlers are trained to fall safely hence their ankles are also not damaged.

On the other hand, boxers don’t get special training to fall safely and as their shoes are very thin, they tend to fall more so, their shoes are high ankle ones so even if they fall down, they don’t damage their feet.

3. Design

The boxing shoes are specifically designed to look like proper shoes without weighing your feet down or without making you feel heavy. Also, their design is quite similar to conventional shoes despite their airy nature and weight.

Wrestling boots are quite different in this regard because they are specifically designed to look like bare feet. This design provides more stability and swift movements to the wrestler and enables their natural moving patterns.

4. Flexibility

Wrestling boots are made to be a lot more flexible than boxing boots mainly because wrestling is the type of sport that requires constant movement and the player has to be on the go all the time which not only makes it unique but very complicated as well. That is why wrestling boots are designed to be more flexible.

Boxing boots are not designed for flexibility only but they do provide swift movements. The flexibility of boxing shoes is nothing as compared to wrestling ones mainly because of the nature of this game and footwork required in the game.

5. Support

Support is better and improved when it comes to boxing shoes as they are specifically designed to provide an advanced degree of support and stability. Support of boxing shoes makes it easy for the boxers to fight without falling or bumping into things constantly.

Wrestlers constantly are moving so they don’t need as much support as boxers do and that is why their shoes are also designed to be more flexible and swift rather than supportive. Also, the wrestling shoes look mock the shape of real bare feet so there is not much space for support in these shoes.

6. Availability

The availability of wrestling shoes vs boxing shoes is yet another prominent difference between them because wrestling shoes are pretty common per se and they are found in almost all sports shops.

But when we talk about boxing shoes, they are pretty rare and you cannot find them everywhere but either online or some mainstream shops. This exclusivity also increases the demand for boxing shoes.

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Can I Wear Boxing And Wrestling Shoes Alternatively?

Boxing and wrestling shoes, both are great for people who are just getting into sports, and even people who don’t wrestle or box like to wear these shoes mainly because of the control you get on your movements after wearing these shoes.

You certainly can wear these shoes alternatively if you are a beginner in sports but when it comes to wearing boxing shoes for wrestling, you cannot really do that. Wrestling needs extremely swift movements so you constantly have to be on the go that boxing shoes do not provide.

Moreover, the ankle support that the boxing shoes provide is not required in wrestling and can even hinder the performance of players which you would certainly not want and that is why it is better if you don’t wear boxing shoes for wrestling.

On the other hand, most boxers love to wear wrestling shoes as they provide the controlled and quick footwork that most boxers want. Also, the wrestling shoes do not hinder any movements or cause slipping a lot so boxers love wearing them.

Finally, it is better if boxers wear boxing shoes and wrestlers wear wrestling shoes but, if they are not satisfied or comfortable with the design of their shoes, they can go for other shoes and there is no harm in it as long as they don’t fall and hurt their ankle.

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