The 5 Best Shoes for Car Salesman of 2021

Are you letting your customers realize that you are outstanding in every way? You’ve to agree that a car salesperson with a polished look brings out a better impression. And a pair of best shoes for car salesman adds the touch of elegance to your attire with comfort!

Well, being a car salesperson, you need to be on your feet all day long. You’ve to face a variety of situations and weather each day. But do you think you can show up your finest with shoes that are pretty uncomfortable and fail to give you an efficient no-slip grip?

Well, I don’t think your regular shoes can help. Moving all around and handling your customers with confidence need cozy footwears with some unique features. But where to find the pair that’s right for your feet and suits your job?

It seems tough when you’re busy round the clock and lack time. If you need classic design shoes that give you a relaxing experience, go for the all-time favorite Florsheim Men’s Shoe. To ease all your difficulties, we’re here with the five excellent pairs of dress shoes for all the car salesmen.

So, let’s begin our search, wasting no moment!

Best Shoes for Car Salesman

1. Clarks Men’s Tilden Plain Oxford

Clarks Men’s Tilden Plain Oxford

If you are looking for an elegant pair of shoes that take care of your professional rapport with a touch of comfort, the Clarks Men’s Tilden Plain Oxford shoes are a top-notch pick for you. Let’s know more about its key features!

Quality leather wears: These Clark’s footwears are an excellent addition for the sales dealers of cars that gives sophisticated leather wear. Both traditional and modern at one go. Are you thinking about breathability? It takes care of it too.

Stability: As a salesman of cars, stability is a top priority for you. For it, this shoe comes a low heel of 1-inch. Moreover, it has got round toe fit with an adjustable tie-up lace design. Thus, it takes care of your grip.

Flexible soles: The footwear comes with flexible TPR outsoles and memory foam insoles. That’s why they can absorb quite a great amount of shock. Hence, your shoes don’t wear out even on a rainy day with absolute traction!

Comfort: The shoe has ORTHOLITE soft footbed that makes it cozy for long wear with no foot fatigue. The foam insoles are easy to remove and thus add to your comfort. Its fabric lining makes sure you don’t face any sort of irritation.


  • 100% leather structure to ensure your breathability
  • Low stack 1-inch of the heel provides foot stability
  • Foam inlays for long time wear
  • Round toe shape gives your toes more space to wriggle
  • Rubber outsoles provide a better traction
  • Removable footbeds are easy to wear


  • The leather may cause slight discomfort for improper sealing
  • Its long shape with less width and plain upper may create wrinkles easily

The top trait of this pair of shoes is that it gives a manageable movement all day long with secure fitting. But if you are into something classier, then we can move on to the next shoes on our list. Shall we?

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2. Allen-Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford Shoe

Allen-Edmonds Men's Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford Shoe

If you are one of the salesmen who are not ready to compromise with comfort but want sleek and versatile wear around your feet too, then Allen-Edmonds Oxford Shoes are the perfect pair of shoes that go well with your personality. Do you want to learn its specialty? Let’s dig in!

Quality manufacturing: It has an upper made of high-quality calfskin leather that is both durable and breathable at a time. It has got 360 degrees Bench welted manufacturing and seaming.

Custom Insole: It comes with oak soles of leather. The cork footbed forms a custom fit that molds easily with the foot size and causes no fitting issues. Are you worried about the comfort it provides? Well, its cushioned soles always take good care of that point.

Brogue details: This shoe has some perforated styling on its cap-toe balmoral. Thus, the brogue pattern gives you the magic of a sophisticated ready to office crispy look.

Long-lasting nature: A well stitched and properly sealed footwear is bound to last longer than any other casual wear. Its smooth stitch makes it more durable with a solid feel.


  • Leather construction gives a durable wear
  • A wide range of offers for size and width gives you the perfect fitting
  • 360 Bench Welt manufacturing supports stability
  • The classic sleek and polished design makes it suitable for all job
  • Leather soles provide absolute traction
  • Lace-up locking system gives a secured fit
  • Light to wear


  • There is little break-in period that may cause blisters when new and worn the first few times
  • It’s uncomfortable for a long wear

This one is the perfect choice for those who find it difficult to get shoes that fit their feet both in size and width. Moreover, you are sure to love its classic-traditional blend! Let’s look at the next dress shoes for car salesmen.

3. Florsheim Men’s Medfield Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoe

Florsheim Medfield Cap Toe Men's Oxford Dress Shoe

If you invest your bucks on a shoe, you must make sure that it goes a long way suiting your job and leaves a good remark on your clients. This Florsheim Men’s Shoe then sounds like the perfect salesman shoes. Why though? Let’s give its features a look!

Shock absorbing and stability: One of the specialties of this versatile shoe is that it comes with heel cups. This way, the shoes give you surprising stability. And its cushioned foam absorbs maximum shock.

Moist wicking ability: The ORTHOLITE inlays make it easy for the air to pass in and out. Thus wicks most of the moist sweat and keeps your foot dry, ensuring breathability.

Anti-microbial property: Who likes that their shoes spread unwanted and bad odor? This shoe has an anti-microbial component inside that controls the growth of stink causing bacteria. Thus, saves you from such an embarrassing situation,

Removable synthetic footbed: No matter how classy your shoes look, if they lack comfort, then it’s a total waste. So, to bring on the comfort wear you dream of, it has synthetic soles for relaxing movement. Move the footbeds as you want. Durability? It’s ensured!


  • The synthetic sole provides flexible use
  • Anti-microbial buildup inside for an odorless wear
  • The cushioned footbed supports a shockproof movement
  • Genuine quality leather with lining provides breathability
  • The insoles absorb the moist and keep your feet no-sweat and dry
  • Heel cups ensure stability
  • A minimal break-in period keeps your foot safe from blisters


  • It may get scuff easily for its rough and dry leather feel
  • Its cap toe is wider, making it a bit off to fashion

Didn’t you find the shoe that ticks your box of choice as a car salesperson? Shall we jump to the next one that may compel you to change your decision?

4. La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip

La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip on Loafer

When it comes to the ideal pair of dress shoes for car sales clerks, La Milano Men’s shoes rank the list for their special features. Let’s read further to add the explanations you are looking for here!

Supportive straps: Out there having a car dealership and showcasing your client? Then at that time, I’m sure you don’t want the hassle of tying your laces. You don’t have to worry. Its double monk style straps are there to take care of your supportive traction.

Unique Block heels: No matter you are dressed formally or heading towards a party for the salesman. Its unique styled stacked block heels make it suitable for all!

Color consistency: You must have gone through that humiliating situation at least once in a while when your customers see those uneven color patches on your shoe. I know how bad a feeling is. That’s why it brings you a special brush on paint for even coloration.

Comfortable sole: The most important thing every sales clerk wants is comfortable footwear. Its synthetic foam like sole makes sure that each of your steps is pain-free with no trace of discomfort.


  • Leather material gives you a durable wear
  • No color inconsistency for its special brush paint technique
  • Secured double straps provide excellent grip
  • Slip-on loafer for comfort
  • Supportive coverage for cozy long-time wear
  • Size found in variety for perfect fitting


  • It is not totally scratch resistant for its dry leather upper
  • Not comfortable for slip-on wear for double monk straps

The only feature that disturbs me is that you cannot slip it on or off at a snap. Other than that, it is excellent in terms of durability, fashion, and comfort!

5. Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe

Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Oxford Shoe

Are you one of those car sales clerks who need to toil all day long? Then durable footwear for a long time comfort is the ideal one for you. And this Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Oxford Shoe can serve rightfully. How? Let’s glance at it!

Cushioned footbed: Dealing with your clients all day long, you don’t want to hurt your feet with unwanted extreme shocks. That’s why this unique pair of shoes control shocks efficiently.

Tonal stitching: When it comes to a long-lasting pair of shoes, its stitching matters the most. So, say bye to your worries about quick wearing out shoes. It is because this shoe is stitched in a tone and smoother method!

Lace-up closure: Each shoe doesn’t come in a size that fits you from all around. Then what to do in such circumstances? Well, no need to worry because its lacing mechanism takes care of your fitting with a sturdy grip.

Comfort: This shoe is made of soft and cozy Nappa leather. Thus its flexible yet trendy design supports your feet, lessening the pain.


  • Leatherwear for aesthetic and sleek personality
  • The rounded square toe area that makes room for a no wriggling toes
  • A lacing up design for all-round closure
  • Light and cushioned foam inlays for shock absorption
  • Flexible construction for overall comfort assurance
  • The break-in period is shorter, reducing pain for long wear


  • It rubs in the heel area and so a bit uncomfortable
  • Lacing up may take a little of your time, making it not easy to put on

I’m sure its comfort factors and classic design have impressed you too. That’s the reason it’s always on demand!

What to Look Before Buying Shoes for Car Salesman?

If you’ve reached here, I’m sure you have gone through each of the reviews on the best dress shoes for car salesman. All our pick is excellent with some unique features. And I know your preference matters too.

That’s why we have added some considering factors to help you pick that right pair of the shoe as a car dealership’s representative. Give your keen look!


Comfortable footwear is a topmost priority. You need to keep on moving all day long and deal with your clients. But if you are wearing a shoe that causes discomfort, swelling, and pain, you are sure to lose your work concentration.

Is your shoe too tight or loose? Wearing a tight pair of shoes lead to swelled feet, whereas loose-fitting wears make moving unpleasant. Hence always check for the right size of shoes that fit you well.
Take a look at the cushioning and footbed support too. Is it moisture-wicking or not? Because you need to work for hours at one go and excess sweating may make you feel uncomfortable. So, check all these considerations for breathable and comfy wear!


As a car salesperson, a secured grip is all you need. If you are busy with your customers and suddenly lose balance, your customers won’t get a good professional vibe. Besides, you are physically hurt as well.

How to check traction? Well, the outsoles can give you an idea about how better is its feet grasping mechanism. Good quality of rubber sole maintains a firm grip even on a slippery surface like marble.


A vital point each buyer tends to forget is the stability that the shoe can provide. By stability, it means a sturdy grasp that makes sure you don’t trip.

Outsoles with cushioned foam and rubber made confirm a better balancing position on all surface slippery or uneven. Thus you are sure to avoid tripping cases.


Are you having long hours of work time as a salesperson and can’t stretch your feet? Then flexible footwear can provide you the support you need.

A shoe that wriggles toes with less room or uncomfortable movement with cramping is not the one for a busy person like you. Find yourself a shoe with a supportive midfoot or soft underfoot bedding.


I’ve seen many sales clerks trip in front of the clients while displaying their wonderful cars on a shiny marble floor. But that must have ruined your impression and reduced your client’s interest. Right?

A wide, uneven stacking of heels will make you slip. So always check on the shoe’s lower surface and the heels beneath it for a no-slip movement.

Light in weight

Are you burdened with loads of work? Then why to put that stress on your feet too? Get yourself light footwear comfortable to put on all day long with no straining or foot ache.

A bulky shoe with stacks of heels and thicker soles speed down your movements. So to bring out the accelerated movement in all weather, go for light shoe wears!

Professional image

The ideal dress shoes for a car salesman is the one which suits your profession with a classy and presentable look. Your clients will lose interest in your deal if you fail to grab their attention and impression.

To bring out the personality, select the footwear that goes along your dress code in every way. Leather shoes can serve here in a perfect way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are the specific type of shoes I need as a car salesperson?

Answer: Every profession demands a classy and presentable look. As a salesperson, you need to impress your customers while dealing with them to gain their trust.

Tip-to-toe attire can help you deal with them easily. Moreover, you don’t want to make your clients feel that your feet are in discomfort. So a perfect pair of shoes serves here rightfully.

Q2. Are there any shoes perfect for car sales clerks that can control the unwanted odor?

Answer: Of course, there are many shoes designed for long-hour workers that come with an odor locking property. You can check the Florsheim Men’s Medfield Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoe from our list.

Overall, air ventilation and breathable shoe keep your feet away from excessive sweating. The anti microbes help here too to control sweating odor.

Q3. Is there any swelling problem I might face on prolonged use of these shoes?

Answer: Well, it depends on the quality of the shoe you are wearing. If you fail to pick the shoe’s right size, you are sure to end up with problems like foot ache, heel rubbing, excessive swelling, and cramping.

That’s why our very first suggestion would be to check its fitting before you order any pair and start working.

Q4. Which type of leather footwear can prove to be the best for a salesperson like me?

Answer: Genuine Leather is always ready to give you durable plus sturdy wear. Full-grain leather has all these qualities with a stable balancing movement all day long. That’s why look at the type of leather your shoe offers.

Q5. How can I determine if the shoes I’m about to buy can endure the shock?

Answer: It is the soles and heels that can make you understand how much shock your shoe can endure.

Always go for low stacked, light heels with rubber or cushioned foam soles. They take enough care of shock absorption.

Q6. What type of toe box can make my work full of comfort?

Answer: If you go through our reviews, you will find a variety of toe box to fit your toes such as round, coned, and squared. As a car salesperson, you need to struggle all day with flexibility.

And hence you need a shoe that can give you enough room for your toes. Well, a square-shaped toe box makes sure you can stretch your feet all the way and prevent toe cramping.

Q7. Why should I find shoes for car sales clerks that have a minimal break-in period?

Answer: Break-in period of a shoe refers to the time it takes to make the shoe free of excessive rubbing irritation and pain when worn the first time.

The Florsheim Men’s Medfield Cap Toe Oxford Dress Shoe comes with a break-in period in the least amount that eliminates the blister trouble.

Final Remarks

A car salesperson needs a lot of patience to work. Your mood or weather cannot come in between. And if you are not on the cozy footwear that matches your standard dress code, how can you even focus?

The best shoes for car salesman are those that combine both comfort and professional look with no compromise. Even if you had some dilemmas and doubts in the beginning, I’m pretty sure our reviews with the buying guidelines can help you in the finest way to find suitable pairs that fit your feet and job as well.

So, what makes you wait any longer? Get ready to take a life term break on all the discomforts your old shoes caused you. It’s high time you move on to the ideal choice. Make a list of all your requirements and pick the classic pair of shoes for an impressive image!

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