7 Best Running Shoes for Asphalt of 2021

Were you on your way to shift to outdoor exercises for fitness like running? That’s great! But did you, too, make the same mistake of using your regular shoes for running on the asphalt?

Well, running on asphalt, you’re sure to find that asphalt is not as smooth as your gym track. Rather, it’s hard, uneven, and coarser with lots of ups and downs. Only the shoes with efficient traction and extra cushion can make your marathon struggles stable.

I’ve seen many suffering from comfort issues while running and breaking their ankles. But I won’t let you go through that mishap. That’s why we are here with the seven best running shoes for asphalt to give you a flexible, repeated movement.

Are you short on time? No worries, we’re revealing you our top pick: Brooks Ghost 12. It brings you a classic pair that gives your run versatility with superior cushioning and can handle the rough situations on asphalt.

Looking for more? Let’s get you to the excellent shoes that bring you the running and landing aid of your dream!

Best Running Shoes for Asphalt

Product NamePriceMadeSole
ON CloudflyerCheck PriceMeshRubber
ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running ShoesCheck PriceManmade, MeshRubber
Brooks Ghost 12 Running ShoeCheck PriceSyntheticRubber
New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 SneakerCheck Price100% MeshRubber
Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running ShoeCheck PriceTextileSynthetic
Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running ShoeCheck Price100% TextileRubber
Skechers Work Squad SRCheck Price100% Synthetic
100% Synthetic

1. ON-Running Mens Cloudflyer Running Shoe

ON-Running Mens Cloudflyer Running Shoe

Are you on those runners who always face overpronation while landing? Reduce your stability issues with these ON-Running Shoes. Surprised? Let’s dig deeper into its features!

Zero Gravity Foam: The most painful part for an asphalt runner is a stable landing without hurting the toes or ankles. It has zero gravity cushioning to support your feet from heel to toe with a quick transfer. Its medial elements make you go through the pronation phase in a snap!

Fine sock liners: Were pondering over its durability? No need to wonder any further. It inserts materials with dual density along the sock line using the new Cloud Tech. Your feet enjoy the snug fit freedom that makes spacious room for your little toes.

Sole comfort: The runner footwear comes with extra grip rubber made inlay pads to give you the smoothest ride. It also adds curved midsoles that give you a natural bipedal gait cycle with flexible motion.


  • Cushioned footstrike for a firm take off
  • Medial elements to shorten your overpronation discomfort
  • V-shaped heel allows your foot to shape and fit
  • Central channels to enhance flexibility
  • Zero Gravity Foam offers cushioned durability
  • No lace makes your feet slip into the footwear in no time
  • Extra grip pads for a stable landing


  • It picks up gravels while running on gravel for curved mid inlays
  • Its wide feet accommodation technique may hamper your movement if you have smaller width feet

One of its features that perks up my interest is its heel cap with reflective TPU that allows night road vision. Didn’t fit your choice? Let’s check the upcoming!

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

If you were searching for a light runner shoe that can comfort your knee issues as well, then these ASICS Runner Shoes are the perfect pair for you. Thinking what features made it to the list of best shoes for asphalt runner? Let me highlight the facts!

GEL technology: The key feature that makes it an amazing pair of shoes for asphalt runner is it’s underfoot that has an advantage of GEL technology. It gives a sturdy full coverage and saves your knees, toes, and ankles from the sprain.

Rebound ability: The runner shoe comes with Ortholite Sock liner made of organic fibers. Thus, it can absorb the maximum compression and shock, giving your repeated movements excelling back bounce for an extended run.

Dynamic Stability: Asphalt is not any normal surface; rather, it’s abrasive. And you should know that abrasive surfaces demand proper traction. It has a Duo Max supportive system that enhances your running and landing stability to the most!


  • Mesh structure ensures breathability
  • Rubber soles give a firm grip
  • DuoMax design reduces weight and gives extra support
  • Midsoles have Fluid ride tech that absorbs knee joint shocks
  • Seamless design provides irritation-free running positions
  • Inlays with vertical flexing groove give efficient gait cycle
  • Premium quality sock liner provides rebounding ability


  • The toe cap may cramp quickly for its rough texture surface
  • The heel may ache sometimes for it’s less squishy heel cushioning

Well, I find it the perfect pair of shoes that act as a savior to my knee pain with its Gel and Fluid Technology. Still can’t find the one for you? Let’s move to the next footwear.

3. Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost 12

The classic pair of Brooks Ghost 12 serves as the best shoes for asphalt running that gives you a balanced and smooth run. Why though? Let me help you realize its special points in detail!

3D Fit Print: Runners of asphalt have often faced the shoes being a little tight otherwise loose. To help you find your matching size with no trouble, it comes with 3D fit print technology. It allows you to stretch your feet with excellent flexibility and comfort!

DNA Loft Cushioning: Does it ensure durability with comfort? Yes, indeed. It has DNA Loft midsole cushioning that works along with BioMoGo DNA. Thus it ensures a light wear accounting for runners speed, plush and unique stride.

Segmented Crash Pad: Runner’s feet should always be prepared to absorb sudden shocks. That’s why it comes with an integrated crash pad that acts as shock absorbers. From heel to toes, each step is filled with soft cushions.


  • High arch support to correct overpronation
  • Light in weight and design makes it easy to wear and run
  • Soft padded soles for shock absorption
  • DNA Loft cushioning ensures balance while running
  • No fit issue with its unique 3D Fit Print
  • Synthetic mesh offers a snug wrap and durability
  • Flex grooves improve the flexibility of the forefoot


  • A high shoe drop of 12mm may cause heel strike stress
  • The midfoot area is a bit narrower than hampers your overall stability

Well, as a runner, I prefer low drop shoes, but it has the reverse. The fact bothers me a bit, other than that I find it ideal. So, let’s look for more!

4. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

Do you want an athletic style shoe that makes you run on asphalt without the fear of losing grip? This New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker is the ideal pick for runners like you. Why? Let’s know more!

Unique Midsole and Outsole: It comes with Fresh Foam midsoles and endurance rubber outer soles. The foam cushioning makes sure you’ve got a soft asphalt run experience. Outside soles with rubber endurances optimize durability.

Ultra Heel Design: The neutral runner shoe adds ultra heels to take care of your performance as a runner supportive fit. What do you think about traction ability? It ensures no-slip with perfect grip too!

Low Offset: Low drop shoes give the runner more natural gait cycles. The shoe offers a heel to toe drop of 8mm. Thus supports your forefoot and midfoot eliminating the heel striking pain.


  • Fresh Foam middle inlays deliver extra soft cushioning
  • Endurance outsoles of rubber maintain no wearing out
  • Lower offset makes sure of a stable ride
  • Ultra Heel wraps the back foot to give a secured fitting
  • Light structured design to enhance running speed
  • 100% mesh design allows proper ventilation
  • Responsive cushioning acts against sudden shock impacts


  • Tying up and off is annoying for its bit long laces
  • You may notice an inconsistency in the size of two distinct pairs, which causes fitting issues

So, if you want a runner pair of footwear with more comfort, why not check the next one?

5. Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

I’m sure you’ve hurt yourself quite often while running on the asphalt, failing to handle its rough traits. But the glad news is that the Under Armour brings an ideal Running Shoe with excellent slip management and grip quality. What’s more? Let’s have a look!

Breathability: If you are running miles, you are sure to expect breathable shoes. That’s the reason this shoe has an upper mesh design with tri-color digital print. Thus, its cushioning takes the most care of your proper breathability.

EVA Sock Liner: Soft shoes protect you from any internal injury while running on the asphalt. Hence this pair of the shoe adds EVA sock liner and molded foam compression. Thus, it gives you great responsiveness with no comprises of comfy!

Leather overlays: As a runner, you must be aware of the solid fact that no sole can give a better grip than leather and rubber overlays. The durable layers lock your midfoot and boost stability, balancing, and traction all at a time!


  • Mesh upper gives a breathable wear
  • Cushioned Micro G midsoles for greater running response
  • Tough overlays assure balanced running
  • Solid rubber outlays deals with shocks
  • Light in weight makes it suitable for long runs
  • Lacing up secures shoe fitting while running
  • EVA footbed for optimum sturdy support


  • A runner may sob due to lack of full arch support
  • You may find toe twist for rubbing tendency of the upper fabric against the toes

Extra cushioning shoes with secured closure and better traction, what else can you ask for from an asphalt running footwear! If you still got more quality desires, why not move on with another elegant pair?

6. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

adidas Women's Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Begin your asphalt track events with the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe for comfy running. It’s a flexible shoe, especially for female runners without any sacrifice on style. Looking for its key details? Let’s have a look!

Mesh Upper: The striking feature of this pair of running shoes is its upper part that is totally mesh-like. What makes this feature special? As a runner, you need the shoes that can pass air with no obstacle, and the mesh structure helps here!

Shock absorbing ability: Runners put all their stress on the foot while running on a rough surface like asphalt. And that’s why this versatile piece of footwear comes with memory foam sock liner to absorb all the excess shock and cuts the chances of feet injury!

Comfort: Its fabric lining is always ready to make sure that your feet from toes to heel don’t face even the slightest discomfort. Rubber soles add bliss beneath. Perfect for wide feet women.


  • The textile lining makes it comfortable runner wear for a long day use
  • The opening is wide enough to cause no ankle or toe twist
  • Easy to wear for slip on and off design
  • Mesh upper makes it light and breathable
  • The tongue collar that hugs the feet keeps it unmovable
  • Round toe and padded footbed saves you from on run pain
  • Fits easily with no lacing up trouble!


  • If worn with no socks, you may face slight irritation for jagged seams
  • May feel pain because CloudFoam padding doesn’t offer enough cushioning

Well, it’s an ideal choice for the female runners who go through plantar fasciitis like painful feet conditions. Now shall we check the latter one?

7. Skechers Work Squad SR

Skechers Work Squad SR

If you want a stylish piece of running wear round your feet, go for this Skechers Work Squad SR. Its versatility is beyond any description. Let’s find out every single aspect of this footwear!

Easy Slip-on comfort: This pair of runner footwear comes with a durable outsole made of rubber and slip on the feature. Thus takes care of the easy wearing comfort that you demand as an asphalt runner.

Spacious Toe Box: Runners, when running on asphalt, get no extra time to stretch their feet very often. That’s why your toes must get the space they need that causes no rubbing irritation. And this shoe gives you that room!

Foam Footbed: To add more comfort to your all-time running feet, it has a soft cushioned foot sole. Thus takes away the stress you put on your overall feet while running on abrasive asphalt and gives you a cozy ride.


  • Lightweight suitable for long time asphalt running use
  • Synthetic sole grasps shocks
  • Removable foam footbed adds for underfoot support
  • Smooth overlays near toe and heel regions for durability
  • 3D printed layers for heel injury protection
  • Durable rubber made soles makes it slip-resistant
  • Padded collar to add to the comfort


  • Not perfect for long asphalt runs for it fails to give slip resistance grip as claimed
  • It’s a bit large in size causing running discomforts

Well, I would ask you not to wear it for high-level asphalt running purpose that covers more distance and time too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at all the basic questions that give rise to both beginner and expert asphalt runners mind:

Question 1: Are runner shoes with low drop suitable for asphalt running?

Answer: Shoe drop means the distance measured from heel to the forefoot. While running on asphalt, you better go for low offset running shoes.

It is because it prevents heel striking effects on the ankle or calf. Thus gives you a natural gait with no injuries or excess shock. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker from our pick can serve ideal for such purpose.

Question 2: As a runner, why is extra cushioning needed when running on a marathon on the asphalt?

Answer: Well, unlike the usual marathon track, the asphalt track is more tough, rough, and not even at all. When you run on asphalt, your feet from toe to ankle go through excessive stress and pressure.

So, sufficient cushioning takes care of the excess pressure and absorbs shock in a gulp. Check if the cushioning covers all the three regions like forefoot, midfoot, and ankle. Thus saves your heel, toe, and knee as well from injuries, sprain, and pain.

Question 3: I have heard about flex grooves in runner shoes; what is its purpose?

Answer: When compared to the runner of hard and concrete surfaces, asphalt runners are sure to experience maximum wear and tear. It is all because of the foot posture and pushes movement.

That’s why you need a flexible pair of running footwear. Flex grooves around the soles allow your shoes to adjust with each foot movement. Thus, you don’t face toe or ankle twisting!

Question 4: Does the size of the regular shoe and asphalt runner shoes differ?

Answer: Well, the purpose and use of regular shoes are not the same as that of asphalt runner shoes. You must know that runner shoes for the asphalt surface tend to tear easily over multiple uses. Moreover, the hard surface causes a lot of friction.

That’s why asphalt runners are advised to buy shoes large in size by half number. If you are intending to use it for asphalt running, half a large size is perfect for supporting the natural gaits.

Question 5: How can I avoid any chance of injury while running on asphalt?

Answer: If you haven’t put on the right size shoes on your feet while running on the asphalt, you are sure to injure yourself. It is because the asphalt is tough and rough.

Find the shoe that gives extra soft cushions, paddings, toe box, and inlays. Thus it gives no shock and flexible run. The step can minimize your troubles pounding the hard like asphalt surface.

Bottom Line

An asphalt runner has to be on foot secured shoe all the time, and cover miles at one go tackling a number of tough situations and weather. You can only attain the peak of success when you have your complete focus on your run, not the shoes. But if you have put on the shoes that diverts your focus and adds discomfort, you are sure to face defeat.

That’s why we have here the best running shoes for asphalt that makes no compromise on comfort and performance. I’m pretty sure that our reviews have made your shaky decision firm about which shoe to select as an asphalt runner.

So make yourself ready to fight all the odds on the asphalt surface. Pick the coziest pair of running footwear run with sufficient grip and speed that is perfect for the uneven surface like asphalt without making any slight sacrifice to your requirements!

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