Adidas Superstar Vs Stan Smith: Which is better?

Sneakers have become a part of our regular fashion. From office workers to national players, all prefer sneakers for their easy and comfortable movements. If you are a shoe lover, predominantly sneaker, we must be familiar with the brand Adidas.

In fact who doesn’t know this iconic brand? Two of its best-seller models are Adidas Superstar and Adidas Stan Smith. Both of them have been ruling the sneakers industry for the past few eras.

They might seem the same at first glance, but there are some basic differences between them in terms of style, pattern, and material. So, “Adidas Superstar Vs Stan Smith”- which will fit your taste the most? Let’s see.

How Did Their Journey Start?

Well, Adidas Superstar set the foot first in the sneaker industry. It was launched in 1969 as a basketball shoe. Soon after it grabs people’s attention when a well-known rap group- Run-D.M.C.

Such action of the rappers made free advertisement of the Superstar. But later on, the brand itself decided to start a collaboration with these hip-hip artist brands to advertise the model worldwide.

But the scenario was a bit different in the case of the Adidas Stan Smith. Two years after launching the model Superstar in the market, this renowned brand made the Stan smith model pay tribute to the tennis player, Stan Smith after winning the US Open in 1971.

Mainly the detailed engineering, extended comfortability, and affordable price drew many fans’ attention. After that, it was publicly launched as a daily-wear sneaker in the market.

Adidas Superstar Vs Stan Smith

Which One to Choose?

Both the models are pretty close to each other. Wearers of these models have their specifications. But you still can differentiate them based on some criteria like:

  • Ultimate showstopper design 
  • Constructive material 
  • Sole pattern
  •  Versatility
  • Comfortability
  • Waterproof model.
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect fitting and sizing.
  • Color choice
  • Cost.

Let’s narrow down each of the points logically. You can also check out our other comparison articles like Vans sizing Vs Nike to guide you in such a dilemma.

Showstopper- Design

Though both models look-alike to the common people, people who are crazy about sneakers will notice these basic differences.

  • Renowned three stripes pattern

Looking at the Stan Smith you can easily notice that there are three small rows of perforation in the place of three stripes. But the Adidas Superstar has the basic three stripes system. The stripes are available in different colors. Starting from black, green to cherry blossom print for the girls out there.

  • The tongue of the snicker

Sometimes, you can see the printed picture of the tennis star, Stan Smith on the tongue of the Adidas Stan Smith. From the years 1973-1978 the word Haillet was also printed on the tongue, but later it was omitted. Since then there haven’t been any mentionable modifications of the model.

On the other hand, you will easily see an Adidas logo on the tongue of the model Superstar. This low-top snicker model is an outstanding example of a lace-less snicker.

  • Heel cup and toe cap

The Stan smith model has a Snug suede heel cup. To maintain its unique design, instead of putting the logo on the tongue, the Adidas logo was put on the heel cup of the Adidas Stan Smith. But in the Adidas Superstar, there is a rubber toe cap in the front that is always aiming to be white.

Constructive material

  • Basic Factory-processed ingredients

While the top-notched Stan Smith model is made of gold quality white leather, Superstar is available in multiple colored pure pieces of leather. But the Adidas Stan Smith recently received a few criticisms from the users. It is because of the mixing of pure and synthetic leathers for the shoe.

In both the models, the uppers leather is perfectly embroidered to give a sewed view. This detained stitching is a specialization of the Adidas brand.

  • Advanced Adidas boosts technology

Both models feature this technology. This ensures minimum energy loss by returning higher energy to the system. This has only been possible for the addition of thermoplastic polyurethane to the midsole. As result, it creates air pockets and saves energy.

  • Comfortable sole 

There are three basic sole tiers- insole, midsole, and outsole in both models. Superstar insole has a thin sock liner for cushioning the foot. But the sock liner in the Stan Smith is quite fizzy. It is capable of absorbing sweats and removing unpleasant odors.

Both Superstar and Stan Smith have rubber midsole. In Stan Smith’s model, it extends to the bottom. Thus it is a promising factor in terms of protection, cushioning, and flexibility.

At last, comes the outsole, both are made of rubber. The full sole pattern seemed unnecessary to some users as they complained about it to add imbalance in the center.

Ideal Fitting and Sizing

Both Adidas Superstar and Stan Smith are true to their size. It requires at least a week to curve in the feet. Wear regularly after the purchase to facilitate the fitting process.

Comfortability and Versatility

No other brands can surpass the comfortability rendered by these two models. Their three-tier sole system and smooth leather needed to be praised. As a part of lifestyle row models, they can blend easily with any casual and party outfit.

Are they waterproof?

Definitely! Their rubber outsole allows you to walk on the stagnant waters on the road. So you can calmly use it during the rainy season. These two models are the perfect combination of style and utility.


The saying goes for both models. Do not keep them outside the shoebox always. Otherwise, sunlight will turn the white shoe yellow, and dust and dirt will easily accumulate on the upper leather. Wipe the white shoe will a specific snicker cleaner from Adidas. Otherwise, their maintenance has so special requirements.

Final Thought

After calculating the pros and cons of both the model, Adidas Superstar Vs Stan smith, here comes the moment of truth- the cost. These shoes are a bit over the price for their outstanding quality. But once spent, you can enjoy its supremacy.

Both the models share some similar patterns and materials. But they have their unique story behind their creation. You can check out both models. They offer high flexibility, durability, and color choosing options to the customers. It is worth the buck you spend behind it.

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