Best 10 Shoes Like Vans- Cheaper Alternatives To Vans

If you are looking for shoes like vans, then you have landed at the right place. Vans is one of the most expensive shoe brands, and despite their high-quality shoes, we know that everyone cannot afford them.

So, many people wonder how they can buy shoes like vans on a budget, and that is why we are bringing this guide to you. We list the 10 best shoes that are most similar to vans and still don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Let’s get right into it:

Top 10 Shoes Like Vans

Our list of top 10 shoes like Vans contain some of the most affordable yet super-trendy and reliable shoes that look pretty much like Vans but don’t cost you as much. So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar


These shoes are made with pure rubber, textile, and leather, making them highly durable and saving them from environmental damage. The Adidas have leather stripes that are synthetic too and give the shoes an overall great design.

If you are looking for maximum ankle support, this pair would be perfect for you because it is padded and provide excellent ankle support. The upper of this pair is made with textile material which is very reliable and does not wear off as easily as the other ones available in the market.

The design of this shoe is very classic, and it resembles one of the best-selling Vans pairs that is an ultimate classic from their brand. The design is not very overwhelming as it is a pretty basic pair with a black upper with white stripes and a white sole.

The sole of this pair is made with high-quality leather that makes it worth every penny because the comfort you get with the rubber sole is unmatched, and it does not even cause foot aches. Moreover, the rubber sole is enough to provide proper support while keeping your feet safe, making it one of the best shoes like Vans.


  • Sole is made with 100% pure rubber
  • Has 3 leather stripes
  • The upper part is made with textile material
  • The measurements of boot opening are 0-3 inches
  • The platform of this pair is 1 inch


  • Great ankle support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Highly affordable


  • The upper clothing material is not as durable in harsh environments
  • Insoles are not enough for an extended period of walking

2. Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar- In Ash


If you are looking for shoes like Adidas that are of perfect colour so you can wear them to college as well as casual outings, then this pair has got it all. It is very similar to the first pair of Adidas that we reviewed with a slight difference.

Basic difference between these two Adidas pairs is that the first one was black while this one comes in a more greyish and ashy colour. If you are someone who does not like black and white colour, then this is just the right type of pair for you.

It has a white rubber sole with synthetic leather stripes on the upper part. The upper part of the pair is made with textile material. Support that this pair provides is pretty decent, and it looks quite similar to the Vans shoes because of its design.

Our favourite thing about this pair of shoes is that it is highly affordable and does not really cost you an arm and a leg. So, it is a pretty good deal. You will also love the comfort this shoe provides because it is very lightweight and does not weigh you down while walking, so it is the perfect pair of shoes like Vans.


  • The opening of this boot is about 0-3 inches.
  • The upper part of this shoe is made with clothing material
  • It comes with 3 leather stripes
  • Sole is made with rubber
  • It is padded


  • Durable sole
  • Lightweight material
  • Provides enough support
  • High-quality materials


  • The padded insole is not enough for proper support
  • Make squeaky sound while walking

3. PUMA Select Men’s Suede Classic Plus Sneakers


If you are looking for design and performance in one pair, this is just the right pick for you. This pair is made with 100% high-quality suede material, which is also imported. The sole is also made with rubber, making it very durable in harsh environments.

The collar of this shoe is also padded, which makes it highly comfortable when you tie the laces. The lace-up design makes it easier to wear, and it resembles some of the classic pairs of Vans quite a lot.

Design of this pair is very attractive and has a white rubber sole, and the upper part is made with suede with a wavy white stripe. The laces are also blue-coloured and give a very monotonous finish to this pair. It also comes in different colours.

Price is a very important feature of this pair mainly because it is highly affordable, and even though it looks a lot like the Vans pair, it does not cost as much. Moreover, the support this pair provides is also pretty decent, so you should definitely consider getting this one because it is the finest pair of shoes like Vans at an affordable price.


  • Made with 100% pure suede material
  • The sole is made with rubber
  • Proper insole support
  • Textured bottom
  • Secure fitting


  • It prevents slipping
  • Comes with enough feet support
  • Lasts a very long time
  • Comfortable fit


  • The vinyl material is not properly stitched
  • Built quality can be improved

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4. Adokoo Women’s Canvas Shoes


We don’t usually find a lot of pairs that fit the women’s feet perfectly, but this Adokoo pair is just the right one for you. The design of these shoes is pretty basic and give you the whole classic Vans shoe vibe, and these pairs resemble the best sellers from the women’s collection a lot.

The material of these shoes is very comfortable, and the fabrics used for the upper part and for insoles are of high quality. Breathability is yet another great trait of this pair, and you can walk in this pair for hours without worrying about anything.

The best thing about these canvas shoes is that you can wear them anywhere you want, and they go with literally all types of outfits. The sole of these shoes is made with anti-slip rubber that prevents any mishaps. Moreover, the stitching increases the overall aesthetic vibe of these shoes and makes them look super-trendy.

These are some of the best shoes like canvas mainly because they are super-efficient yet affordable. Laces of this pair are also adjustable, which makes it even more comfortable for everyday use. The support that Adokoo canvas shoes provide is also pretty decent.


  • Comes with a textured rubber sole
  • Cotton canvas makes the pair breathable
  • Toe design is round
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Comes with padded insoles


  • Lace-up design
  • White colour
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable fit


  • Does not provide adequate arch support
  • Toe support can be improved

5. Sperry Men’s Striper II CVO Washable Sneaker


Sperry Men’s shoes are made with waxed canvas, which is also very pure and lasts you a very long time. The sole of these shoes is made with rubber and provide enough support and comfort that will make you fall for these shoes.

If you are looking for shoes like Vans but don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks, then this pair would be just the right choice for you. This pair is an all-rounder in itself because it contains great design, support and efficiency, which is pretty much all you want in shoes.

The fit of these shoes is also perfect, and they don’t come off while walking like most shoes do and instead, they hug your feet perfectly for a better and improved fit. Also, the gore construction is hidden in this shoe, which adds a lot of versatility and convenience to this pair.

Rubber outsoles of this pair are highly flexible and make it easy to wear during harsh environmental conditions mainly because of its moulded and flexible design. The outsole is specifically made with rubber mainly because rubber is a very long-lasting and reliable material when it comes to shoes.

If you want a pair that prevents slipping and provides you anti-slip traction without costing you a lot, then this is just the right type of shoes, and the best thing is that you can even wash it, and it would not damage the material of the pair.


  • Made with waxed canvas
  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Textured bottom for anti-slip traction
  • Laces are made with cotton
  • It weighs 2 pounds


  • Highly flexible and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Made with high-quality material


  • Not water resistant
  • The heel tab could be softer

6. Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker


Superga unisex sneakers are very basic yet stylish sneaker that you can wear literally anywhere. The design of this sneaker is so great anyone can wear it quite easily, and it resembles the classic pieces from the Vans brand a lot. The best thing about this pair is that it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Cotton material is what everyone is rooting for these days. Luckily, Supergo sneakers are also made with 100% pure cotton and are of an imported quality, making them the first pick of everyone. The cotton material used in the making of these sneakers is highly breathable as well.

Eyelets of these sneakers are made with steel, and laces are also made with high-quality material. The lace-up design of this pair makes it very convenient to wear, which is why the Gen-Z generation loves it. The outsoles are of wrap-around design and are perfect for you if you are looking for design and efficiency in one pair.

Moreover, the support that Superga sneakers provide is unmatched, and it does not stress out your toes and instead provide them with abundant support. The best thing about these shoes like Vans is their price, as they cost a lot less than a typical pair of Vans sneakers. Though the price is less, there is no decline in the quality, so you can definitely count on this pair.


  • Made with 100% pure cotton
  • Eyelets are around 5-6
  • Breathable material
  • Outsoles are of a wrap-around design
  • Sole is made with rubber


  • Abundant arch support
  • Breathable material
  • Easy to wear
  • Attractive and aesthetic design


  • Toe support can be improved
  • Insole is not removable

7. Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker


Nike men’s air force is literally the most aesthetically pleasing shoe on this list, and we love it mainly because of how great it looks. This pair is made with synthetic fabric, which increases comfort quite a lot.

Moreover, the sole of Nike sneakers is made of high-quality rubber, making it a pair that resembles the exclusive edition Vans shoes quite a lot, and unlike Vans, you don’t have to worry about its price because it is a lot more reasonable in price but pretty much the same in quality.

The design of Nike men’s air force sneakers is very luxurious with complete black colour and stars on the collar. White strip right above the sole makes it more attractive, and it certainly is one of our favourite shoes like Vans.

The support that these sneakers provide is elite mainly because they were designed for basketball players, but when the public loved them and when Nike launched them for everyday wear, they became trending on the internet mainly because of their comfort and design.


  • It weighs 4 pounds
  • Made with synthetic fibre
  • Provides great traction with non-marking sole
  • Has two pivot points
  • Provides good insole support


  • Reduces vibration while walking
  • Comfortable during long walks and hiking
  • The design is top-notch
  • Highly affordable


  • It takes a lot of time to break into the shoes
  • Arch support can be improved

8. Timberland PRO mens Disruptor Oxford Alloy


Timberland shoes have an imported built along with their high-quality canvas material that is 100% pure and makes these shoes resemble with the Vans shoes quite a lot from design to efficiency.

The advanced technology used in these shoes makes them one of a kind. In the toes, alloy safety technology is used for proper support and safety, along with its electrical hazard protection feature, making it stand out among the other pairs.

The outsoles of these shoes are highly resistant, and they don’t let oil and heat pass through them, so you can wear them even in summers without increasing the temperature of your feet. Another great feature of this pair is that it uses anti-fatigue technology, which has to be our absolute favourite among all because it makes long walks painless to a greater extent.

Moreover, the energy you lose while walking is bounced back to your feet using a geometric method and the shock absorption quality of these shoes is matchless. So, we are getting a lot of advanced features in one pair but do you know that it is a lot more reasonable than the high-end shoes and it is one of the best shoes like Vans.


  • Comes with an anti-fatigue technology
  • Resistant to oil and heat
  • Provides alloy safety toe protection
  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Made with 100% pure canvas


  • Protects the feet in case of any mishaps
  • Provides great support during long walks
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Durable and reliable


  • Not waterproof
  • Padding is not enough

9. Lugz Men’s Clipper Sneaker


Lugz sneakers are made with 100% canvas material, and they come with a rubber sole. The material used insole and the upper part is of high quality and makes this pair very long-lasting and durable. These are the best shoes like Vans, and their design is also pretty similar to the exclusive collection of Vans.

Wearing and taking off these shoes is a piece of cake mainly because of their slip-on design and the side gores, which are perfect when you are wearing them because they provide abundant stretch to you.

Moreover, the insole of these sneakers is cushioned, unlike other shoes that we see out there, having poor support and no significant padding. Cushioned insole provides the maximum degree of comfort to you and prevents any foot ache.

The rubber outsole of Lugz sneakers is vulcanized, and it is very easy to wear and take off these shoes mainly because of their slip-on design and placement of gore. The lining of these shoes is also very breathable and provides you with the most perfect and comfortable fit making it one of the best shoes like Vans.


  • Upper is made with canvas
  • Gore panels stretch easily
  • Breathable lining
  • The insole comes is padded with cushions
  • It weighs 7.4 ounces


  • Highly breathable material
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy and convenient to wear
  • Lightweight


  • Does not provide arch support
  • The fit is not good enough

10. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe


Shoes like Vans are not that easy to find, especially when looking for a relatively affordable pair, but you can get it all with the Etnies skate shoe. The upper of these shoes is made with clothing material and is washable, so you don’t have to worry about making your shoes dirty.

Soles of this pair are made with rubber which we know is one of the most common and most durable materials for soles. Insoles are also pretty impressive as they contain foam padding for increased comfort and support.

Collar and tongue are things that tell you how comfortable a pair of shoes is, and in the case of Etnies shoes, both tongue and collar and perfectly padded with a thin layer. The price of these shoes like Vans is also very affordable, and they resemble the original Vans shoes quite a lot.

If we talk about the design of these shoes, they certainly are top-notch with a sheer black finish and white sole. The laces are brownish and add a lot to the overall design of these shoes. If you want an affordable yet great pair, then this has to be your stop.


  • It weighs 12 ounces
  • Tongue and collar are padded thinly
  • Removable insoles
  • Upper is made with clothing material
  • Rubber sole


  • Unique design
  • Great padding
  • High-quality material
  • Reasonable price


  • Takes a lot of time to break into this pair
  • Not for people with wide toes

Buying Guide For Shoes Like Vans

Now that we have gone through the top 10 best shoes like Vans, we hope that buying your perfect pair will be easier for you. But, if you are still a bit iffy, keep reading because we are bringing a very detailed buying guide that will help you pick just the right type of shoes like Vans for you.


You need to consider material above all when buying a pair of shoes because the material can literally make or break your experience of the perfect shoes.

The best material for shoes usually is textile or synthetic fibre and even leather at times, so it is better if your shoes are made with this material. Moreover, the Vans shoes are mainly made with textile so, it is better if you go for textile too Vans like shoes is what you are looking for.


Design is yet another thing that is a lot more important than you can imagine in the case of shoes like Vans, mainly because design and aesthetics are everything when it comes to Vans shoes.

You need to make sure that the shoes you are getting have an attractive design and are aesthetically pleasing and minimalistic because that is the vibe people are going for in 2022.


Comfort is a combination of multiple things, and you can only get comfort in a shoe when it fits you perfectly and has enough insole padding. For best fitting, make sure to measure your feet every time you buy shoes like Vans and only then will you be able to get the most out of it.

Moreover, for better padding, all you need to do is just pick a pair that has enough insole cushioning so that your feet don’t experience any type of discomfort or pain during long walks or hiking.


If your shoe is not providing you with enough support, then it certainly is not the right type of shoe. The best thing about Vans shoes is that they are perfect for providing great ankle and toe support so if you are looking for shoes like Vans, pick the one that provides maximum support.

If you are getting enough toe support, it will also be easier for you to walk for several miles without having to worry about foot aches.


We hope that this article was helpful for you and that you have found just the right pair of shoes like Vans for you. All of the shoes we listed above are similar to Vans and also cost a lot less than the original ones.

All of the above shoes provide the maximum support and quality while not costing you an arm and a leg. Moreover, make sure that you buy the perfect fit for you and buy just the right one that suits your daily wear.

Adios from our side!

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